An Update on the Commissions Weekly engagements from 15th – 26th April 2019
  1. The Commission conducted a series of meetings with Mobile Network Operators and aggregators on consumer and competition issues in MNO data-centric products. The discussions aimed to unbundle compliance obligations in both consumer protection and competition issues. Similar engagement is done with Fintech and some OTTs like Uber and Taxify.
  2. UCC is compiling stakeholder feedback on the proposed review of the licensing framework for the Telecommunications sector in Uganda. The deadline for submission was 26th April 2019. Find more details here; http://bit.ly/2G4WXTD  
  3. The Commission put out a call for applications for a data collection facilitator obtain primary data highlighting the outcomes of a pilot project that aimed at advancing the deployment of 3G wireless communication infrastructure and expanding high quality, affordable broadband access in rural areas. Deadline for submissions was Friday 26th April 2019. Find more details here; http://bit.ly/2XoBf2P
  4. UCC continues the nationwide enforcement exercise against non-compliant broadcast radio stations. During the week, the enforcement team was in the districts of Gulu and Kitgum were they suspended Gulu FM, Pole FM and Mighty Fire FM. The team will next head to Kabale and Kisoro. UCC however, applauds those stations that have since made right on the non-compliance concerns to avoid disconnection.  Each station disconnected has to pay a re-connection fee before confiscated equipment is returned.
  5. UCC participated in an MDAs meeting coordinated by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics aimed at aligning various government institutions output to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators. Each MDA is to provide baseline data and make comments on each SDG indicator for which data is not available. See why UCC believes that ICTs have a significant role in the socio-economic development of our country and thus offer vast opportunities to enable the realisation of SDG goals here; http://bit.ly/2OY4Z3i
  6. The Commission and MDAs held a progress review meeting on the validation exercise currently underway by the operators for the Sim Registration. Critical issues discussed among others included the delayed response by customers on the correction of their registration details despite the targeting messaging below the line by operators. Due to the security nature of the matter resulting from the errors UCC has identified in the operator databases, UCC directed operators to ensure that subscribers were notified through other media channels including above the line communication to ensure that accurate registration details are provided along with biometric verification.
  7. The deadline for 1st May 2019 was upheld for action against those subscribers who do not heed the call to address the requirement for valid registration
  8. UCC partnered with selected schools and Greening Uganda in response to the environmental challenges caused by climate change and human activity. A tree planting campaign was launched in Gulu, and this coincided with the International Girls in ICT Day which was also commemorated at Sacred Hearts Girls Secondary School in Gulu.  More details here; http://bit.ly/2ZybMpl
  9. The National Communications Authority (NCA) Board of South Sudan were hosted at the Commission for a benchmarking and study tour on several aspects of communications regulation. The Executive Director, Godfrey Mutabazi welcomed the delegation from South Sudan at UCC House Bugolobi. Details here; http://bit.ly/2VpZaBn
  10. Preparations are in advanced stages for a delegation from Uganda to attend the Cannes festival in France from 14 to 25 May 2019. The Cannes Festival is a powerful platform to promote Uganda as a filming destination. The delegation will comprise representation from UCC, UTB, Media Council, Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Independent producers and Film Makers. The Commission will be sponsoring 5 Independent Film Makers.

For information contact; communications@ucc.co.ug; or Call Toll-Free – 0800 222 777

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