UCC launches public consultation process to revamp telecom licensing system

KAMPALA – Till April 24, 2019, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the communications sector regulator will receive citizens’ opinions on the various changes they need for the current telecom license system.

The public consultation process launched on April 4, 2019, in that regard is aimed at facilitating the introduction of new players in the market and improving competitiveness as well as consumers’ purchase power.

It is also aimed at improving service quality, promoting innovation and investments in the telecom sector, allowing further broadband roll-out by facilitating the use of scarce resources.

According to the UCC, the current licencing system in force since 2006 has helped boost investments, the introduction of new actors, the development of new business models and created innovative products.

Thanks to that framework, the number of operators has ….clink to continue reading


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