UCC Weekly Update 29th April – 10th May 2019

The Uganda Communications Commission is monitoring the implementation of guidance to Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) to have a minimum 30-second announcement on outgoing calls of non-compliant MSISDNs instructing them to come in for verification as per relevant criteria before clearing of the call request which took effect 1st May 2019. MNO’s have been required to suspend outgoing calls only of noncompliant MSISDNs come 16th May 2019

The Commission issued a directive to media houses on repeated breach of Minimum broadcasting standards. A meeting with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) was held to clarify on issues including not to sack employees as a result of the ongoing investigation. The Commission is also making representation in a lawsuit on the same.

The Commission participated in the validation of disability status report by the National Council for disabilities and presented efforts of promoting inclusive communication services and part of the natural attempt to make services accessible to persons with disabilities.

The Commission had an engagement with the Private Sector Foundation discussing opportunities for investments in the communication sector.

The Commission had engagement with all District Chief Accounting Officers organised by Ministry of Local Government to address matters of communication infrastructure deployment in respective districts. The meeting aimed to enhance, improve and harmonise local government approval processes for passive infrastructure deployments to ease passive infrastructure rollouts

The Commission engaged with Bank of Uganda and Mobile Network Operators in a study to determine the scale, value and treatment of unclaimed financial assets in the Telecom ecosystem.

The Commission had an engagement with the Independent Online Journalist Association (INDOJA-U) to discuss the need for online publishers to register with the Commission and challenges of online content regulation.

The Commission met with Local Government leaders and Civil Advocacy organisations to elaborate the Commission mandate, work and broadcasting standards in Uganda.

The Commission participated in the ICT4D Conference held at Speke Munyonyo, led by Catholic Relief Services discussing current initiatives, latest trends and innovations in technology to increase the impact of development activities. Issues of going digital and being digitised, data protection and privacy topped many discussions.

The Commission has developed a guide on the legal and regulatory requirements for establishing and operating an FM station in Uganda and an easy to use guide for the DVB standard. The publication will be made on applicable mediums.

The Rural Communication Development Fund is engaging three institutions; The KIBO Foundation, Human Rights for Girls and Women with disabilities and Makindye Association for People with Disabilities to enter into Memorandums of Understanding to support People with Disabilities with ICT equipment.

The setup for the Cyber Security training for technical staff of operators is ready for next week from Monday to Friday, and the Regional stakeholder engagement workshops for broadcasters in the five regions of the country kick off on Tuesday starting with Mbarara.

communications@ucc.co.ug; Toll-Free – 0800 222 777

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