UCC and Hollywood Film Festival sign a working agreement

May 23, 2019

The Uganda Communications Commission (the Commission) has signed an agreement between Uganda and Hollywood Film Festival at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival. This agreement paves the way for Ugandan Content to showcase in  Hollywood, arguably, the World’s most prominent film city.

The agreement was signed by Mr Bradford Parks, the Chairman and Executive Director for Hollywood Film Festival, and Mr Meddie Kagwa, Head of Multimedia and Content on behalf of the Executive Director – UCC.

Mr Bradford Parks, the Chairman and Executive Director for Hollywood Film Festival, and Mr Meddie Kagwa, Head of Multimedia and Content signing the agreement

The highlights of the agreement provide:

  • Opportunities for Ugandan film and content  to showcase on the most prominent International stage
  • Opportunities for Ugandan participation in Hollywood productions
  • Promotion mentorship and  co-productions between Uganda and Hollywood

The agreement comes at an opportune time when the  Ugandan Film Industry is growing in leaps and bounds.

The Commission started the Ugandan Film Festival (UFF)  in 2013, with less than 183 competing entries,  a number that has since multiplied over the years to over 1,250 competing entries. Ugandan movies have also made entry, received nominations and won several awards at other film festivals, most notably the AMVCA, Pan African Film Festival,  Kalasha Tv & Film Market, Zanzibar International Film Festival, among others.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr Bradford Parks said he was excited at the uniqueness and emergence of great  Ugandan talent as was exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival.

Uganda was represented at the festival by the Commission, Uganda Tourism Board, Media Council and independent filmmakers. According to the Uganda Tourism Board CEO, Lilly Ajarova, this agreement provides an opportunity to market and promote Uganda as a premier film destination. “We are delighted about this agreement, and we pledge continuous support to the Uganda Communication Commission in promoting the film industry,” she said

2 thoughts on “UCC and Hollywood Film Festival sign a working agreement

  1. It’s a great move but comes with a big question are we really prepared for it…..coz in my opinion I think we would have first stablized our place in the country first coz it will help a handful of film makers than the all nation at large.anyway I will stop from here but am so humbled for the movement.thanks


    1. This is a genuine concern Sekitoleko. However, it can also be challenging thinking we as a country will develop the film industry on our own. The film industry is about tourism hence Film Tourism and growth comes with wider markets that can consume our local content. We need partnership and collaborations in production especially with entities that know how to source funds, equipment and technology. The exposure alone will give the country and film sector mileage. Lets put our house in order as we embrace emerging opportunities. IKB


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