As attention to the issue of the global digital divide has increased, so too has focus on the theme of the growing digital gender divide. The observed digital inequalities in digital access and use frequently mirror inequalities found offline. Women are lagging in reaping digital dividends just as they are in ‘traditional’ spheres of economic, civic and political empowerment.

To this end, many public, private sector and civil society-led initiatives now exist to address the digital gender gap from building digital skills for women and girls via training and coding programmes to projects and policies focused on expanding infrastructure and connectivity opportunities. Monitoring progress on these efforts, however, remains a challenge, particularly with regards to how the multitude of efforts collectively contribute to addressing the various layers of the digital gender gap, including affordable access and meaningful use of the web.

In 2015, Web Foundation undertook the Women’s Rights Online Research in 10 countries across the Global South with Uganda as one of the countries. The research revealed the true extent of the digital gender divide in low-income, urban communities; however, the key limitation of this study then was the scope and coverage.

It’s against this background that Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and the World Wide Web Foundation (Web Foundation) are partnering to undertake a nationally representative survey in Uganda with a focus on the gender and ICT access. UCC and Web Foundation are now seeking to engage the services of an experienced data collection expert to manage the data collection process.

The survey is expected to be completed within 10-12 weeks, including translation and test-run, until the completion of the survey administration and the submission of the final survey report and data set. The survey is expected to be nationally representative. Supplementary non-financial facilitation associated with the study may be considered.

Applicants are to submit their applications that MUST include technical and financial proposals. Deadline for applications is 5.00PM by Friday 13th September 2019 in conformity with attached Terms of Reference.

Submissions in PDF should be emailed to

Executive Director

Uganda Communications Commission

UCC House, Plot 42-44, Spring Road, Bugolobi

P O Box 7376, Kampala; Toll-free: 0800133911;

Tel.0312, 339000; 0414 339000; Fax: 0414 348832;

Email:; Twitter: UCC_Official

Facebook: Uganda Communications Commission

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