Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) was established by the Uganda Communications Act of 2013 to facilitate the development of a modern communications sector in Uganda, including telecommunications, radio communications, broadcasting, postal communications, data communications and infrastructure.

Communications infrastructure is globally recognised as being critical in driving major societal functions such as health, safety, security and economic well-being, as well as the effective functioning of government. Damage, destruction or disruption of communications infrastructure may thus have negative consequences on the well-being of citizens, adverse economic effects and/or significant harm to public confidence.

UCC, in collaboration with owners of underground communications infrastructure, has therefore established the Underground Communication Infrastructure Information Exchange Platform (UCIIXP) ( to enhance the resilience and quality of telecommunications networks and services in Uganda. This platform serves to minimise accidental destruction or damage to underground communication infrastructure during excavation activities owing to unavailability of information.

The platform will facilitate the timely exchange of information between underground communications infrastructure owners and any entities (including government departments and agencies, contractors, private sector and others) across the country that intend to engage in digging, excavation, construction or other civil works in the vicinity of communications infrastructure. 

For further information, please refer to our website or contact us at any of our offices.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTORUganda Communications Commission UCC House – Plot 42-44 Spring Road, BugolobiP. O. Box 7376, KampalaPhone: +256-41-4339000, +256-31-2339000Toll-Free Line: 0800133911Email:, Website:

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