Communication Sector Report – September 2019

Mobile telephony in Uganda continues to register robust growth with mobile money, in particular, standing out.

According to the latest communications sector performance report, mobile money subscriptions (registered) grew by a remarkable two million between December 2018 and September 2019. During the same period, mobile money subscribers that are active over 90 days grew by 1 million.

Compiled by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Postal Markets Industry Report reviews industry performance, trends and critical developments in the communications sector. The report, released for every quarter, relies on information and figures obtained from licensees’ submissions to the Commission and other sources.

The latest report covers the period from July – September 2019 but also includes information dating back to the fourth quarter of 2018 for comparison purposes.

Other key indicators over the same period (December 2018-September 19) are:

  • Teledensity – 63.0% to 63.9% 
  • Mobile subscriptions – 24.4 million to 25.6million
  • Internet subscription (mobile) – 14.3 million – 15.2 million
  • Internet penetration – 36.8% to 37.9%    
  • Estimated Internet users – 21.6 million to 23.0 million
  • Active Pay-TV service providers – 1.1 million to 1.4million
  • Mobile money subscriptions (registered) – 24.4 million to 26.4 million
  • Mobile money subscriptions (active 90 days) – 14.6 million to 15.6 million

Find the full report below;

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