Distinguishing features of the New Telecom licenses summarised

Developments and concerns such as over duplication in infrastructure roll-out and the high cost of investment, emerging markets and services, high demand for spectrum resources and regulatory arbitrage, have necessitated a review of the telecommunications licensing framework.

Below are the distinguishing features of the New Telecommunications liensing framework summarised.

NTO – National Telecom Operator; PSP – Public Service Provider; PIP – Public Infrastructure Provider


  • Where an operator obtains two licenses for different zonal/regional categories, e.g. NPSP & RPIP, the operator shall pay the higher or the two values for respective regions or 1.23% of GAR whichever is higher.
  • Where two licenses are issued within the same region/zone, e.g. RPSP & RPIP, only one license fee shall be paid or 1.23% of GAR whichever is higher.
  • Where a party applies for two National operator licenses, e.g. NPSP & NPIP, such a party shall be required to obtain an NTO License.
  • The Commission shall only assign spectrum to NTO, NPIP and RPIP license holders. Other licensees shall be required to roam on NTO, NPIP and RPIP infrastructures.
  • Transfer of license shall attract a fee equivalent to USD 30,000

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