The Uganda Communications Universal Services Access Fund (UCUSAF), formerly known as Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF), is Uganda’s semi-autonomous Universal Service Fund managed and administered by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). 

Formed in 2003 by an Act of Parliament, UCUSAF is mandated to extend communication services to the unserved and underserved areas of Uganda. The Fund is administered as a semi-autonomous department under UCC, headed by a Director (Fund Manager).

The Fund is run on a five-year strategy and so far, UCUSAF has implemented projects under three strategies: RCDF I (2003-2008), RCDF II (2009-2015) and RCDF III (2017-2021). RCDF I and II focused on Infrastructure Availability, ICT Awareness and Accessibility, and now RCDF III is focusing on Broadband Connectivity and Access, Content and Research and Advocacy.

The Vision is of a Uganda where location, physical inability, gender and cost do not bar any person from harnessing ICT-enabled opportunities for personal empowerment and development.


The flagship project of UCUSAF is the Integration of ICT into Education. The project is operated through the interventions below:

ICT Computer Laboratories

UCC through UCUSAF has installed ICT computer labs in over 1,000 secondary schools, tertiary institutions and universities. All these schools currently teach the ICT subject either at O-level or/and A-Level. UNEB results have shown a tremendous improvement in ICT performance over the years. An ongoing initiative is now in place to provide these schools with reliable Broadband connectivity. In FY 2018/19, seventy-one (71) schools were handled while 30 out of 55 schools planned for FY2019/20 have so far been taken care of, with the rest to be completed by the end of April 2021. Procurement for another 55 schools for FY2020/21 has been initiated.

Internet Connectivity to Schools

UCUSAF previously provided a dedicated internet link of 256Kbps to over 600 secondary schools but with changes in technology and the development of new services in education, this ceased to be sufficient. In the Financial year 2019/20, UCUSAF partnered with Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU) and Airtel to provide a dedicated internet connectivity link of up to 5Mbps to 90 schools. Procurement for connectivity to a further 20 schools for FY2020/21 has been initiated.

Virtual Science Content

Under this initiative, the school laboratories supported by UCC are installed with software that enables the schools to access science content with animations for O-level (Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry). The procurement for this project was done by the Ministry of Education and Sports and UCC supported it with funding. So far, all Government secondary schools supported with UCUSAF computer laboratories have benefitted from this project with 100 schools connected in each of the Financial years 2018/19 and 2019/20 respectively. A further 100 schools are due for installation with the software for FY 2020/21, especially targeting the new seed secondary schools.

Since the commencement of this project, there has been a remarkable improvement in pass rates of science subjects in rural schools, which the Ministry of Education and Sports attributes to this intervention. We are looking into the possibility of expanding the scope of the project to include A-level science content and expand on the subject content at O-Level.

Teacher Retooling Programme

The Teacher Retooling intervention is focused on broadband connectivity and some aspects of basic computer maintenance. Four (4) trainings have been held in each financial year from 2017/18 to 2019/20 with each training accommodating up to 300 teachers. For the FY 2020/21, five (5) trainings were planned, of which two (2) have so far been carried out involving 426 teachers. A further three (3) trainings are planned to be held before the end of this financial year.

We plan to enhance our focus on teacher training colleges because it’s here that we can grow ICT Cardership in the education sector. In the past four financial years, we carried out fourteen (14) ICT teacher retooling sessions for 3,896 teachers. In the Financial Year 2020/21 we have planned to carry out four (4) retooling sessions for teachers and five (5) retooling sessions for headteachers, targeting a total of 1,800 teachers and headteachers.

ICT Teacher Retooling – Mbale 2020

Community ICT Trainings

The schools with Computer Laboratory infrastructure have also acted as a platform to provide digital literacy skills to the communities around the schools, which serves to reduce the digital divide in the country. A training programme for the communities in practical ICT skills was developed. The project seeks to enable communities around schools with ICT laboratories to acquire ICT skills. The programme runs during school vacations. Schools contribute to the environment, the ICT laboratory and the teachers; UCC provides logistical support, meals and technical guidance; and local leaders such as area MPs provide the required mobilization for the trainees.

The main objective of this training programme is to transform the trainees into people who can work in ICT facilities or operate ICT facilities as a business. To date over 300,000 community people have been skilled, of whom 30,000 were trained in the period 2017/18 to 2019/20. With COVID-19 in the FY 2020/21, the training model was changed to incorporate e-Learning and training of trainers through a collaboration with Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology (UICT) as the implementers in which 500 community members were initially trained, and these are now going to be used to train up to 15,000 community members for FY2020/21 starting with a pilot phase in which 5,00 will be trained initially.  

ICT Clubs in Schools

UCC in partnership with Kisubi Associated Writers’ Agency (KAWA) has so far launched 45 ICT clubs in secondary schools in Uganda. The key objective of these clubs is to build the students’ ICT skills more effectively and responsibly, drive creativity and innovation and integrate ICT in mainstream disciplines, other clubs and school activities for learning purposes. The ICT clubs are also connected to nearby universities for further mentorship. Operational structures are currently being put in place to further scale up the role of ICT clubs in other schools.

E – Learning Pilot Project for Schools

UCUSAF has initiated a collaboration with eminent educators to implement a Holistic e-Learning Project where content is produced and shared amongst participating schools. The project is being piloted in four secondary schools; St. Mary’s College Kisubi, Gayaza High School, Nabisunsa Girls School and Busoga College Mwiri. The project aims at building the capacity of schools to provide better quality teaching and learning that can be shared across all rural schools.

ICT Textbook for Schools

UCC/UCUSAF in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports developed curriculum content and published a book on ICT. The books were distributed in phases to public schools. The first phase of the distribution in FY 2018/19 benefited 500 secondary schools with each school receiving between 50 and 80 textbooks depending on the school population. Distribution is currently ongoing for the FY 2019/20 with 280 schools planned to benefit and procurement for FY 2020/21 has also been initiated for a further 300 schools planned to benefit. This initiative aims to enhance student and teacher ICT knowledge, which will subsequently build the required skills in areas such as Programming, Networking, Computer Maintenance, etc. 

Other projects being implemented by UCUSAF include:

  1. Digital Literacy for the Informal Sector
  2. Digital Literacy for People with Disabilities
  3. E-Government Sensitisation
  4. Public WIFI Hotspots for Rural Areas.
  5. Strategic Partnership with Uganda Cancer Institute, Uganda Police and Uganda Wildlife Authority to improve ICT utilization in their operations.


The key challenge facing UCUSAF is budget constraints whereby the Fund can only finance 20% of its mandate. For example, with more than 1,600 hundred Government-aided secondary schools in the country, the Fund has been able to avail computers to 1,150 schools, out of which 60% are due for re-equipping. The unfulfilled requests for computer laboratories are more than 500 but UCUSAF can only provide 70 computer laboratories per year.

The sustainability of projects is another challenge. The Ministry of Education and Sports is yet to find a budget line for computer maintenance and recruitment of ICT teachers. This has led to the low sustainability of the computer laboratories we have so far installed. A study done in 2018 found that 40% of the laboratories were in semi-operable condition. The maintenance issues identified were of a kind that could easily be trouble-shot by a trained computer teacher.


The RCDF III Policy Operational guidelines have been running for two and a half years now. A mid-term review is being undertaken to determine compliance to the operational guidelines. A preliminary review, however, which has been done through UCC’s in-house monitoring and evaluation framework, indicates that the Fund has religiously complied with all the three core project areas of the Fund.


RegionDistrictSchool NameConstiteuncyyear
WesternBunyangaboRubona S.SBunyangabu2021
EasternPallisaGogonyo Secondary School Agule2021
NorthernAlebtongAmugu Secondary SchoolAjuri2021
CentralLuweroBulemeezi Secondary school VvumbaBamunanika2021
EasternKamuliNamasagali CollegeBugabula North2021
EasternKamuliBugabula S.SBugabula South2021
EasternKamuliBulopa S.SBugabula South2021
WesternKaseseMunkunyu Secondary School Bukonzo East2021
WesternMasakaSt. Martin Voc. S.S NarozariBukoto East2021
WesternLwengoSt. Anthony S.S KyazangaLwengo2021
WesternLwengoKekolongo Secondary SchoolLwengo2021
CentralMityanaSt Josephs Secondary School KakinduBusujju2021
CentralMubendeKiyuni Secondary SchoolBuwekula2021
WesternKagadiLake Albert SDA S.SBuyaga West2021
EasternSoroti Tubur Secondary SchoolDakabela2021
NorthernDokoloDokolo Girls Secondary schoolDokolo2021
NorthernDokoloAdok Seed SchoolDokolo2021
NorthernGuluGulu Clinical Public SchoolGulu Municipality2021
NorthernKotidoNakaperimoru Army Boarding S.SJie2021
WesternKabaleKigezi High SchoolKabale Municipality2021
CentralKassandaMirembe Maria SecondaryKassanda North2021
CentralWakisoBombo Army Secondary SchoolKatikamu South2021
CentralKampalaSt. Margaret College MakerereKawempe2021
WesternKiruhuraBurunga Seed S.SKazo2021
WesternKamwengeKabambiro S.SKibale2021
CentralWakisoHassan Turabi Bweyogerere Secondary SchoolKira Municipality2021
NorthernKwaniaChawente Secondary SchoolKwania2021
NorthernKwaniaIkwera Girls SecondaryKwania2021
CentralWakisoKirinya C.O.U S.SKyaddondo East2021
NorthernMarachaNyadri Urban S.SMaracha2021
NorthernMarachaKololo PublicMaracha East2021
WesternMasakaSt. Anne Masaka Vocational Training SchoolMasaka Municipality2021
WesternSembabuleKawanda Church of Uganda S.SMawogola North2021
CentralMpigiMitala Maria Progressive Secondary SchoolMawokota South2021
WesternMbararaKadogo Community PolytechnicMbarara Municipality2021
CentralMityanaMUMSA secondary SchoolMityana Municipality2021
CentralMityanaNaama Secondary SchoolMityana Municipality2021
CentralMityanaSt John’s Buyambi BuleraMityana North2021
CentralMityanaKalangaalo Secondary schoolMityana North2021
NorthernAlebtongFatima Aloi ComprehesiveMoroto2021
WesternMubendeComprehensive H.SMubende Municipality2021
WesternMubendeUniversal College MubendeMubende Municipality2021
NorthernNgoraSt. Aloysius Core PTCNgora2021
WesternRukungiriBlessed Parents Voc. S.S Rujumbura2021
WesternRukungiriBwambara Modern Vocational Secondary SchoolRujumbura2021
WesternRukigaKantare Secondary SchoolRukiga2021
WesternRukigaSt Paul’s BukunduraRukiga2021
WesternShemaKarera Seed Secondary SchoolSheema South2021
NorthernKatakwiNgarium Seed SchoolUsuk2021
NorthernKatakwiKatakwi technicalUsuk2021
NorthernSoroti Soroti University 2021
CentralKampalaUganda Inst. Of Allied and Health Mgt. Sciences 2021
NorthernKatakwiPriscilla Grls SchoolUsuk2021
CentralLuweroNakattonya Islamic 2021
CentralWakisoWakiso Comprehensive Institute of Health SciencesWakiso Municipality2021
NorthernDokoloAgwata S.SDokolo North2019
CentralButambalaKaggulwe S.SButambala2019
CentralKassandaKassanda S.SKASSANDA North2019
WesternKamwengeKyabenda S.SKibale2019
WesternKyenjojoKyarusozi S.SMwenge Central2019
CentralKayungaNdeeba S.SNtenjeru North2019
CentralMityanaSekanyonyi S.SMityana County South2019
CentralWakisoSt. Mary’s College Kisubi 2019
EasternSironkoBumasifa Seed S.SBUDADIRI COUNTY EAST2019
EasternBudakaIki – Iki S.SIKI-IKI COUNTY2019
EasternBukedeaKidongole Seed S.SBUKEDEA COUNTY2019
NorthernNapakSt. Andrews S.S LotomeBokora County2019
EasternMayugeMalongo S.SBunya West2019
EasternBuyendeSt. Peter S.S NamulikyaBudiope East2019
EasternTororoKidoko S.STororo North2019
EasternSironkoNalusale Seed S.SBudadiri East2019
NorthernApacMaruzi S.S 2019
WesternKibogaSt. Lawrence S.SKiboga East2019
WesternKagadiKing Solomon S.S 2019
WesternHoimaBulindi Integrated S.S 2019
WesternNtungamoRwoho S.S 2019
WesternKamwengeBihanga S.SKibale2019
NorthernAruaOgwoko Seed S.S 2019
NorthernNebbiAkworo S.SPadyere County2019
NorthernOyamEverest Girls. S.SOyam South2019
NorthernMarachaKololo Public S.SMaracha East2019
NorthernMarachaAll Saints S.S 2019
NorthernPakwachOgenda Girls S.SJonam County2019
NorthernAdjumaniDzaipi S.SAdjumani East2019
EasternKayungaUganda Martyrs S.S Kangulumira 2019
WesternKyoteraKalisizo Seed SchoolKyotera County2019
WesternKagadiSt. Margaret Mary S.S Muhorro 2019
CentralMityanaST. Kizito S.S Banda 2019
EasternMayugeMpungwe s.sBunya East2019
CentralWakisoUganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo 2019
CentralMityanaMbazzi Riverside 2019
CentralButambalaCardinal Wamala S.SButambala2019
CentralMpigiKatonga Technical InstituteMawokota South2019
CentralMpigiSt. Martin S.S JjanyaMawokota County North2019
WesternMasakaNile Vocational Institute-John Wilson 2019
WesternKiruhuraBishop Girls’ S.S Rushere 2019
WesternKiruhuraRwemikoma Seed S.S 2019
WesternBushenyiNyakabanga S.SIgara East2019
WesternBushenyiMwengura S.SIgara East2019
WesternMbararaRugando CollegeRwampara County2019
WesternIbandaIshongororo High School 2019
WesternKabaleBishop Robert Gay Nyanja S.S 2019
WesternRukungiriBishop Robert Vocational S.S 2019
WesternRubiriziArch Bishop Bakyenga S.S 2019
WesternKamwengeSt. Thomas Aquinas S.S 2019
WesternBundibugyoNyahuka   Parents S.S 2019
CentralKampalaSt. Stephen COU Mpererwe 2019
EasternBuikweHilltop College NkokonjeruBuikwe South2019
EasternKayungaNalinya Irene S.S 2019
CentralMukonoKasawo s. s 2019
EasternKamuliGreenHill College BulopaBugabula South2019
EasternMayugeMayuge Hill S.S 2019
EasternMbaleBufumbo S.SBungokho North2019
EasternNgoraOkapel High School 2019
EasternPallisaApopong Seed S.S 2019
EasternKaberamaidoKobulubulu S.SKaberamaido2019
EasternKaberamaidoSt. Paul Ochero          2019
NorthernAruaSt. Peter & Paul Seminary     2019
CentralLuweeroBbowa Community Polytechnic             2019
CentralluweeroSt. Kalooli Lwanga Mulajje                2019
NorthernMoyoErepi PTCWest Moyo2019
WesternKamwengeBishop Balya Girls S.SKibale East 2019
WesternKamwengeFCA Skills Training Center          2019
CentralKassandaKiganda High School                   2019
CentralMpigiSt. Mugagga s.s jalamba 2019
CentralMpigiKikomeko memorial s. S. Kituntu 2019
WesternKiruhuraKazo primary schoolKazo County2019
WesternMbararaSt. Paul H.S Biharwe 2019
EasternKayungaSt. Peters Kibuzi S.S 2019
WesternAdjumaniBezza S.SADJUMANI WEST COUNTY2018
CentralWakisoTrinity College NabbingoBUSIRO COUNTY EAST2018
NorthernAgagoAkwang SSAGAGO NORTH COUNTY2018
WesternBulisaAlbertine Vocational Institute  2018
NorthernAdjumaniBbezza Muslim Secondary SchoolADJUMANI WEST COUNTY2018
EasternMayugeBufulubi SSBUNYA COUNTY WEST2018
CentralkampalaBuganda Royal Institute 2018
EasternMayugeBukabooli Seed Secondary SchoolBUNYA COUNTY EAST2018
EasternBukedeaBukedea Comprehensive AcademyBUKEDEA COUNTY2018
WesternKabaroleBukuuku Community School BURAHYA COUNTY2018
EasternBusiaBusia Teacher’s CollegeSAMIA BUGWE COUNTY NORTH2018
EasternSorotiBusitema university (Arapai Campus)u 2018
WesternShemaButsibo Secondary SchoolSHEEMA COUNTY SOUTH2018
EasternIgangaBuwaabe Community Centre 2018
CentralMpigiCardinal Nsubuga Mem. KitakyusaMAWOKOTA COUNTY SOUTH2018
CentralKayungaGaliraya Secondary School 2018
CentralMubendeHighway Secondary School, KigandaKASSANDA COUNTY SOUTH2018
CentralMubendeKabbo Secondary SchoolBUGANGAIZI WEST COUNTY2018
WesternMitoomaKabira Technical InstituteRUHINDA COUNTY2018
WesternKanunguKambuga Secondary schoolKINKIZI COUNTY EAST2018
WesternKiruhuraKanyaryeeru Secondary School 2018
EasternSerereKateta Hill View SecondarySERERE COUNTY2018
WesternKiruhuraKinoni Community Secondary SchoolNYABUSHOZI COUNTY2018
WesternKamwengeKitagwenda Technical InstituteKITAGWENDA COUNTY2018
WesternKabaleKizinga Technical Institute 2018
EasternKweenKwosir Secondary SchoolKWEEN COUNTY2018
CentralKasandaKyanamugera C.O.U Community 2018
WesternKisoroMetropolitan International UniversityBUFUMBIRA COUNTY EAST2018
NorthernKobokoMillennium SS KOBOKO COUNTY2018
CentralMubendeMubende Light Secondary SchoolMUBENDE MUNICIPALITY2018
EasternMbaleMulasti Secondary SchoolBUNGOKHO COUNTY SOUTH2018
CentralKyankwanziNational Leadership Institute,  2018
WesternMbararaNgabo Academy 2018
EasternNgoraNgora High SchoolNGORA COUNTY2018
EasternMayugeNkooko Memorial Technical  2018
WesternRukungiriNyabiteete Secondary SchoolRUBABO COUNTY2018
WesternKaseseNyakiyumbu Sec SchoolBUKONJO COUNTY WEST2018
NorthernLiraOgur Secondary SchoolERUTE COUNTY NORTH2018
WesternKaseseSaad Mem Secondary SchoolBUKONZO COUNTY  EAST2018
CentralNakasekeSemuto Secondary SchoolNAKASEKE SOUTH COUNTY2018
WesternShemaSt Charles Lwanga, Kashenshero 2018
CentralKyoteraSt Herman Kwenkuni, Secondary SchoolKYOTERA COUNTY2018
CentralMityanaSt. Elizabeth Girls School, MityanaMITYANA MUNICIPALITY2018
EasternKweenSt. Michael Girls Secondary School Kaproron 2018
CentralMubendeSt. Mugagga Sec School KigandaBuwama2018
WesternIbandaSt. Thereza Girls SecondaryIBANDA MUNICIPALITY2018
WesternKisoroVision Secondary SchoolBUFUMBIRA COUNTY EAST2018
WesternKyegagwaWekomire Secondary SchoolKYAKA SOUTH COUNTY2018
S.WesternKabaleBishop Barham University 2017
CentralMubendeKabamba Military Academy 2017
CentralKampalaKansanga Seed S.S, KampalaMAKINDYE DIVISION EAST2017
S.WesternKabaleSt Aloysious KitangaRUKIGA COUNTY2016
EasternTororoMerikit S.STORORO NORTH COUNTY2016
NorthernGuluUnyama NTC-UnyamaASWA COUNTY2016
WesternAruaArivu S.SAYIVU COUNTY2016
CentralMpigiBulamu Seed SSMAWOKOTA COUNTY NORTH2016
S.WesternBundibugyoBumadu Seed S.SBWAMBA COUNTY2016
CentralButambalaButawuka Magezi Ntake S.SBUTAMBALA COUNTY2016
S.WesternKabaroleIbaale S.SBURAHYA COUNTY2016
EasternPallisaKameke S.SAGULE COUNTY2016
WesternMarachaKijomoro S.SMARACHA COUNTY2016
S.WesternKabaleLake Bunyonyi S.S kabaleNDORWA COUNTY WEST2016
CentralNakasongolaLwabiyata S.SBUDYEBO COUNTY2016
CentralKampalaMakerere CollegeKAWEMPE DIVISION SOUTH2016
WesternAruaOffaka S.SUPPER MADI COUNTY2016
S.WesternKamwengeSt. Michael S.S KahungeKIBALE COUNTY2016
EasternIgangaBukoyo S.SKIGULU COUNTY SOUTH2015
EasternLuukaBusalamu S.SLUUKA SOUTH COUNTY2015
EasternButalejaButaleja S.SBUNYOLE EAST COUNTY2015
WesternAruaEdiofe Girls S.SAYIVU COUNTY2015
S.WesternSheemaKabwohe S.SSHEEMA MUNICIPALITY2015
EasternKaliroKaliro H.SBULAMOGI COUNTY2015
EasternBukedeaKongunga H.SKACHUMBALA COUNTY2015
CentralKampalaKyambogo College SchoolNAKAWA DIVISION2015
S.WesternBushenyiKyamuhunga S.SIGARA COUNTY WEST2015
WesternMasindiMasindi S.SMASINDI MUNICIPALITY2015
CentralKampalaMengo S.SRUBAGA DIVISION NORTH2015
CentralKampalaOld Kampala S.SKAMPALA CENTRAL DIVISION2015
NorthernPaderPajule S.SARUU NORTH COUNTY2015
EasternLuukaBukanga Seed S.SBUKANGA COUNTY2015
EasternBugiriBukhooli College School 2015
EasternManafwaButiru S.SNAMISINDWA COUNTY2015
EasternBugiriBuwunga S.S BUKOTO COUNTY EAST2015
WesternMasindiBwijanga S.SBUJENJE COUNTY2015
CentralButambalaGombe S SBUTAMBALA COUNTY2015
S.WesternKabaleKabale Trinity College KABALE MUNICIPALITY2015
S.WesternKyegegwaKakabara S.SKYAKA NORTH COUNTY2015
EasternButalejaKangalaba S.SBUNYOLE EAST COUNTY2015
S.WesternRubiriziKirugu S.S KATERERA COUNTY2015
S.WesternMbararaLaki H. S. BujagaRWAMPARA COUNTY2015
CentralKampalaLubiri SSRUBAGA DIVISION NORTH2015
CentralkampalaMakerere College SchoolKAWEMPE DIVISION SOUTH2015
EasternMbaleMbale S.S         MBALE MUNICIPALITY2015
CentralMukonoMukono Bishop S.SMUKONO MUNICIPALITY2015
WesternHoimaMunteme Fatima CollegeBUHAGUZI COUNTY2015
S.WesternRukungiriNyakishenyi H.SRUBABO COUNTY2015
S.WesternKanunguRugyeyo S.SKINKIZI COUNTY EAST2015
S.WesternIbandaRwenkobwa S.SKIGOROBYA COUNTY2015
S.WesternSheemaRyakasinga Centre S.SSHEEMA COUNTY SOUTH2015
EasternSorotiSoroti S.S         SOROTI MUNICIPALITY2015
S.WesternLyantondeSt John Kaliro Comp S.SKABULA COUNTY2015
S.WesternKabaleSt Theresa GirlsKABALE MUNICIPALITY2015
S.WesternKabaleSt. Joseph S.S RUKIGA COUNTY2015
EasternBukwoAmanang S.SKONGASIS COUNTY2014
NorthernAmuriaAmuria S.SAMURIA COUNTY2014
CentralKibogaBamusuuta S.SKIBOGA  EAST COUNTY2014
WesternBulisaBugungu S.SBULIISA COUNTY2014
S.WesternKiruhuraBuremba S.SKAZO COUNTY2014
EasternNamayingoBuswale S.SBUKOOLI SOUTH COUNTY2014
EasternBusiaBuwembe S.SBUGWERI COUNTY2014
S.WesternKaseseBwera S.SBUKONJO COUNTY WEST2014
S.WesternKiruhuraKanoni S.SKAZO COUNTY2014
EasternKatakwiKatakwi H.SUSUK COUNTY2014
CentralKayungaKitatya S.SBBALE COUNTY2014
S.WesternNtungamoRuhaama S.SRUHAAMA COUNTY2014
S.WesternKamwengeRwamwanja S.SKIBALE EAST COUNTY2014
EasternSerereSerere S.SSERERE COUNTY2014
WesternKibaaleSt. Edwards S.S BukuumiBUGANGAIZI WEST COUNTY2014
WesternAruaAdumi S.SAYIVU COUNTY2014
EasternKaberamaidoAnyara S.SKALAKI COUNTY2014
EasternNamayingoBanda S.SBUTEMBA COUNTY2014
S.WesternIsingiroBirere S.SISINGIRO COUNTY NORTH2014
EasternManafwaBubuutu S.SNAMISINDWA COUNTY2014
EasternButalejaBugalo College BwiryaBUNYOLE WEST COUNTY2014
EasternBududaBukalasi S.S#REF!2014
CentralKibogaBukomero Parents S.SKIBOGA  EAST COUNTY2014
EasternJinjaBusedde Seed S.SBUTEMBE COUNTY2014
EasternIgangaBusoga University 2014
EasternButalejaBusolwe S.SBUNYOLE WEST COUNTY2014
S.WesternBushenyiBweranyange Girls SchoolBUSHENYI -ISHAKA MUNICIPALITY2014
WesternKabaleBwikara S.SBUYAGA WEST COUNTY2014
S.WesternKisoroChahi Seed S.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY SOUTH2014
S.WesternKyegegwaHapuuyo Seed S.SKYAKA NORTH COUNTY2014
S.WesternKabaleKabale University KABALE MUNICIPALITY2014
EasternKamuliKabukye S.SBUGABULA COUNTY SOUTH2014
EasternSerereKadungulu S.SKASILO COUNTY2014
CentralMityanaKalangaalo S.SMITYANA COUNTY NORTH2014
CentralNakasongolaKalongo S.S SeedNAKASONGOLA COUNTY2014
CentralMukonoKamada Community Polytechnic 2014
S.WesternKabaroleKamengo S.SFORT PORTAL MUNICIPALITY2014
S.WesternKabaleKamuganguzi Janan Luwum S.SNDORWA COUNTY WEST2014
S.WesternKisoroKanaba S.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY EAST2014
S.WesternMitoomaKanyabwanga S.SRUHINDA NORTH COUNTY2014
EasternKweenKapkoch S.SKWEEN COUNTY2014
EasternBukwoKapyoyon H.SKONGASIS COUNTY2014
CentralGombaKasaka S.SGOMBA EAST COUNTY2014
NorthernGuluSacred Heart Girls SchoolsGULU MUNICIPALITY2014
CentralNakasekeKatalekammese Modern S.SNAKASEKE NORTH COUNTY2014
EasternMayugeKigandalo S.SBUNYA COUNTY EAST2014
CentralRakaiKimuli S.SBUYAMBA COUNTY2014
CentralBukomansimbiKiryasaaka S.SBUKOMANSIMBI SOUTH COUNTY2014
NorthernKitgumKitgum Comprehensive CollegeKITGUM MUNICIPALITY2014
EasternBukedeaKolir Comprehensive S.SBUKEDEA COUNTY2014
EasternBusiaLunyo Hill S.SSAMIA BUGWE COUNTY SOUTH2014
CentralNakasongolaMigyera UWESO S.S  BUDYEBO COUNTY2014
WesternAruaModern S.S OcokoVURRA COUNTY2014
S.WesternKyegegwaMpara S.SKYAKA SOUTH COUNTY2014
CentralWakisoMt. Of Olive College School (Girls School)  2014
CentralMubendeMubende Military Communicity Polytechnic 2014
WesternAruaMuni University UPPER MADI COUNTY2014
S.WesternNtungamoMuntuyera H.SKAJARA COUNTY2014
WesternKabaleNalweyo S.SBUGANGAIZI WEST COUNTY2014
CentralMukonoNamagunga Boarding Primary School NAKIFUMA COUNTY2014
EasternKaliroNamwiwa S.SBULAMOGI COUNTY2014
EasternNgoraNgora H.SNGORA COUNTY2014
WesternKabaleNyamarwa S.SBUYANJA COUNTY2014
S.WesternKyenjojoNyankwanzi H.SMWENGE COUNTY NORTH2014
WesternYumbeOdravu S.SARINGA SOUTH  COUNTY2014
WesternAruaOkollo S.SUPPER MADI COUNTY2014
S.WesternKabaleRubaya S.SNDORWA COUNTY WEST2014
S.WesternKaseseRugendabara Voc. S.SBUSONGORA COUNTY NORTH2014
S.WesternMbararaRutooma S.SKASHARI SOUTH COUNTY2014
S.WesternRukungiriRwabukoba S.SRUJUMBURA COUNTY2014
EasternJinjaSenior Command & Staff College 2014
CentralMubendeSt. Charles Lwanga S.S LwangiriKASSANDA COUNTY NORTH2014
EasternKamuliSt. John Bosco S.SKAMULI MUNICIPALITY2014
CentralKayungaSt. Kalemba Nazigo S.SNTENJERU COUNTY SOUTH2014
EasternButalejaSt. Mary’s S.S KapisaBUNYOLE EAST COUNTY2014
S.WesternRukungiriSt. Mathias Nyakisheni VocRUBABO COUNTY2014
CentralKyankwanziSt. Paul C.O.U S.SNTWETWE COUNTY2014
EasternKapchorwaSt. Paul Comp s.s KapchesombeTINGEY COUNTY2014
NorthernGuluTrinity College GuluGULU MUNICIPALITY2014
CentralBuikweVictoria S.S Ssi BukunjaBUIKWE COUNTY SOUTH2014
S.WesternKamwengeBigodi S.SKIBALE COUNTY2013
EasternManafwaBubulo Girls H.SBUBULO COUNTY WEST2013
S.WesternRukungiriImmaculate Heart NyakibaleRUJUMBURA COUNTY2013
EasternPallisaKabwangasi S.SBUTEBO COUNTY2013
EasternMayugeKaluuba H.SBUNYA COUNTY SOUTH2013
NorthernMorotoMoroto Core Primary Teachers’ College MOROTO COUNTY2013
CentralMukonoNamasumbi Muslim S.SMUKONO COUNTY NORTH2013
S.WesternKabaleNational Teachers College KabaleKABALE MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternKaliroNational Teachers College Kaliro 2013
CentralMubendeNational Teachers College Mubende 2013
S.WesternRukungiriRubirizi S.SRUBABO COUNTY2013
S.WesternKisoroSesesme S.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY EAST2013
S.WesternKabaleApostle of Jesus SeminaryRUKIGA COUNTY2013
WesternAruaArua Core Primary Teachers’ College 2013
WesternAruaArua School of Nursing  2013
Central B.L.K Muwonge S.S NtundaNAKIFUMA COUNTY2013
EasternKamuliBalawoli S.SBUGABULA COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternBuyendeBaligeya Mem Seed S.S NkondoBUDIOPE WEST COUNTY2013
S.WesternKamwengeBiguli S.SKIBALE EAST COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaleBishop Kivengere Girls S.S MuyebeNDORWA COUNTY EAST2013
S.WesternRukungiriBishop Ruhindi H.S Kebisoni 2013
S.WesternMbararaBishop Stuart Core Primary Teachers’ College Kibingo 2013
EasternIgangaBishop Willis Core Primary Teachers’ College . 2013
CentralLuweeroBombo S.SKATIKAMU COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternIgangaBubinga H.S 2013
EasternBuyendeBudiope S.SBUDIOPE WEST COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaleBufundi College RUBANDA COUNTY WEST2013
S.WesternRukungiriBugangari S.SRUJUMBURA COUNTY2013
EasternBulambuliBuginyanya Comprehensive S.SELGON COUNTY2013
EasternManafwaBugobero H.SBUBULO COUNTY WEST2013
EasternKamuliBugulumbya S.SBUZAAYA COUNTY2013
EasternSironkoBugunzu Seed S.S BuyoboBUDADIRI COUNTY  WEST2013
S.WesternKabaroleBuheesi S.SBUNYANGABU COUNTY2013
EasternSironkoBuhugu S.SBUDADIRI COUNTY EAST2013
CentralMityanaBujubi S.SBUSUJJU COUNTY2013
EasternBusiaBukalikha S.SSAMIA BUGWE COUNTY SOUTH2013
CentralKalangalaBukasa S.SKYAMUSWA COUNTY2013
CentralKalunguBukulula Girls S.SKALUNGU EAST COUNTY2013
CentralMubendeBukuya S.SBUKUYA COUNTY2013
EasternMbaleBungokho S.SBUNGOKHO COUNTY NORTH2013
CentralKayungaBusaana S.SNTENJERU COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternButalejaBusabi S.SBUNYOLE WEST COUNTY2013
S.WesternKisoroBusanza S.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternJinjaBusede College BugayaBUTEMBE COUNTY2013
EasternKibukuBuseta S.SKIBUKU COUNTY2013
EasternBududaBushika S.SMANJIYA COUNTY2013
EasternLuukaBusiiro S.SLUUKA SOUTH COUNTY2013
EasternBusiaBusitema University  2013
EasternKamuliBusoga HighBUGABULA COUNTY NORTH2013
CentralKampalaButabika School of Psychiatric Nursing  2013
EasternPallisaButebo S.SBUTEBO COUNTY2013
CentralBuvumaBuvuma CollegeBUVUMA ISLANDS COUNTY2013
EasternBugiriBuwunga S.SBUKOTO COUNTY EAST2013
CentralRakaiBuyamba S.SKIBOGA  EAST COUNTY2013
CentralLuweeroBuzzibwera S.SBAMUNANIKA COUNTY2013
S.WesternRukungiriBwanga S.SRUBABO COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaroleCanon Apolo Core. Primary Teachers’ College  2013
NorthernLiraCanon Lawrence Core PTC 2013
CentralMpigiCard. Nsubuga Mem NJERU MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternKweenChemwania S.SKWEEN COUNTY2013
EasternBukwoChesower S.SKONGASIS COUNTY2013
EasternKapchorwaGamatui GirlsTINGEY COUNTY2013
NorthernGuluGulu Clinical School GULU MUNICIPALITY2013
NorthernGuluGulu University GULU MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternButalejaHasahya S.SBUNYOLE EAST COUNTY2013
CentralKampalaHealth Totor’s College Mulago 2013
CentralRakaiHolly Family Nazareth S.SKAKUUTO COUNTY2013
S.WesternIbandaIbanda S.SIBANDA MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternIgangaIganga S.SKIGULU COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternIgangaIganga Technical Institute 2013
EasternIgangaItanda S.SKIGULU COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternNamutumbaIvukula S.SBUKONO COUNTY2013
EasternTororoJames Ochola Mem WEST BUDAMA COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternJinjaJinja Sch of Nursing/Midwifery  2013
CentralNakasekeKaasangombe S.SNAKASEKE SOUTH COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaleKabale School of ECN KABALE MUNICIPALITY2013
S.WesternKabaleKabale UniversityKABALE MUNICIPALITY2013
S.WesternKisoroKabami S.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY EAST2013
CentralMpigiKabasanda Technical Institute. 2013
CentralKalunguKabukunge Moslem S.SKALUNGU WEST COUNTY2013
CentralKalunguKabungo S.SKALUNGU WEST COUNTY2013
CentralMasakaKaddugala S.SBUKOTO COUNTY EAST2013
EasternBudakaKaderuna S.SBUDAKA COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaleKahondo S.SNDORWA COUNTY EAST2013
CentralLwengoKaikolongo S.SBUKOTO COUNTY WEST2013
EasternJinjaKakira H.SBUTEMBE COUNTY2013
CentralNakasongolaKakooge S.SNAKASONGOLA COUNTY2013
EasternPallisaKakoro H.SBUTEBO COUNTY2013
CentralLuweeroKalasa CollegeKATIKAMU COUNTY SOUTH2013
CentralNakasongolaKalongo S.S  SeedNAKASONGOLA COUNTY2013
S.WesternKanunguKambuga S.SKINKIZI COUNTY EAST2013
CentralKampalaKampala H.S KAMPALA CENTRAL DIVISION2013
EasternPallisaKamuge H.SPALLISA COUNTY2013
S.WesternKamwengeKamwenge S.SKIBALE COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaleKamwezi H.SRUKIGA COUNTY2013
EasternKaliroKanambatiko S.SBULAMOGI COUNTY2013
EasternKumiKanyum S.SBUTEBO COUNTY2013
EasternKapchorwaKapchorwa S.SKAPCHORWA MUNICIPALITY2013
S.WesternSheemaKarera Technical InstituteSHEEMA COUNTY SOUTH2013
CentralWakisoKasengejje S.S 2013
EasternKapchorwaKaserem S.STINGEY COUNTY2013
S.WesternKaseseKasese S.SKASESE MUNICIPALITY2013
S.WesternKyegegwaKasule Seed S.S KYAKA NORTH COUNTY2013
EasternTororoKaterema S.SWEST BUDAMA COUNTY SOUTH2013
S.WesternRukungiriKaturika S.SBUHWEJU COUNTY2013
CentralRakaiKibaale S.SKOOKI COUNTY2013
EasternPallisaKibale S.SKIBALE COUNTY2013
WesternKiryandongoKibanda S.SKIBANDA NORTH COUNTY2013
EasternKibukuKibuku S.SKIBUKU COUNTY2013
CentralMpigiKibuuka Memorial S.SMAWOKOTA COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternBuyendeKidera S.SBUDIOPE WEST COUNTY2013
S.WesternMitoomaKigarama Mixed S.SRUHINDA NORTH COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaleKigata H.SNDORWA COUNTY EAST2013
S.WesternKabaleKigezi College ButobereKABALE MUNICIPALITY2013
S.WesternKabaleKihanga S.SRUKIGA COUNTY2013
S.WesternKanunguKihihi H.S KINKIZI COUNTY WEST2013
EasternJinjaKiira College ButikiBUTEMBE COUNTY2013
CentralMasakaKikungwe S.SBUKOTO COUNTY CENTRAL2013
CentralWakisoKings College BuddoBUSIRO COUNTY EAST2013
S.WesternMbararaKinoni GirlsRWAMPARA COUNTY2013
CentralWakisoKira S.SBUTEMBE COUNTY2013
CentralKampalaKirinya COU S.SKYADONDO COUNTY EAST2013
CentralNakasongolaKisaalizi S.SBUDYEBO COUNTY2013
S.WesternKisoroKisoro Technical Institute  2013
CentralMukonoKisowera S.SMUKONO COUNTY NORTH2013
CentralKampalaKitante Hill SchoolKAMPALA CENTRAL DIVISION2013
CentralWakisoKitende S.SBUSIRO COUNTY EAST2013
NorthernKitgumKitgum Core Primary Teachers’ College.  2013
NorthernKitgumKitgum H.SCHUA WEST COUNTY2013
NorthernKitgumKitgum Technical Institute  2013
S.WesternKaseseKitholu S.SBUKONJO COUNTY WEST2013
CentralMityanaKiwawu S.SBUSUJJU COUNTY2013
EasternLuukaKiyunga S.SLUUKA NORTH COUNTY2013
EasternKaberamaidoKobulubu Technical InstituteKABERAMAIDO COUNTY2013
EasternNgoraKobwin S.S SeedNGORA COUNTY2013
S.WesternBushenyiKyabugimbi S.S IGARA COUNTY EAST2013
CentralKalunguKyagambiddwaKALUNGU EAST COUNTY2013
S.WesternNtungamoKyamate S.SNTUNGAMO MUNICIPALITY2013
S.WesternSheemaKyangyenyi H.SSHEEMA COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternSerereKyere S.SSERERE COUNTY2013
S.WesternIsingiroKyezimbire S.SISINGIRO COUNTY SOUTH2013
NorthernLiraLango CollegeERUTE COUNTY NORTH2013
NorthernLiraLira School of Enrolled Comp NursingLIRA MUNICIPALITY2013
NorthernLiraLira Town CollegeLIRA MUNICIPALITY2013
NorthernOyamLoro Core Primary Teachers’ College OYAM COUNTY SOUTH2013
CentralKalunguLutengo S.SKALUNGU EAST COUNTY2013
CentralLuweeroLuwero S.SKATIKAMU COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternKamuliLuzinga S.SBUZAAYA COUNTY2013
CentralKampalaLuzira S.SNAKAWA2013
EasternManafwaLwakhakha S.SNAMISINDWA COUNTY2013
EasternKaberamaidoLwala Girls S.SKALAKI COUNTY2013
EasternNamayingoLwangosia S.SBUKOOLI SOUTH COUNTY2013
CentralBuikweLweru S.SBUIKWE COUNTY SOUTH2013
CentralKampalaMackay College SchoolRUBAGA DIVISION NORTH2013
EasternTororoMahanga S.SWEST BUDAMA COUNTY NORTH2013
S.WesternKaseseMahango S.SBUKONZO COUNTY  EAST2013
S.WesternMitoomaMahungye S.SRUHINDA NORTH COUNTY2013
S.WesternKamwengeMahyoro S.SKITAGWENDA COUNTY2013
EasternTororoManjasi H.STORORO MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternBusiaMasaba College BusiaSAMIA BUGWE COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternSironkoMasaba S.SBUDADIRI COUNTY EAST2013
CentralMasakaMasaka S.SMASAKA MUNICIPALITY2013
WesternMasindiMasindi ArmyMASINDI MUNICIPALITY2013
CentralWakisoMasulita S.S 2013
EasternKamuliMatuumu S.SBUZAAYA COUNTY2013
S.WesternMbararaMbarara University of Science and Technology MBARARA MUNICIPALITY2013
CentralBukomansimbiMisanvu S.S BUKOMANSIMBI SOUTH COUNTY2013
CentralWakisoMmanze S.SBUSIRO COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternJinjaMother Kevin S.SJINJA MUNICIPALITY EAST2013
S.WesternKamwengeMpanga ParentsKIBALE COUNTY2013
CentralMukonoMt St Marys NamagungaNAKIFUMA COUNTY2013
S.WesternKaseseMt.Rwenzori Girls S.S 2013
CentralMubendeMubende Community Polytechnic 2013
EasternButalejaMugulu H.SBUNYOLE WEST COUNTY2013
EasternJinjaMujibhani Madvani ColBUTEMBE COUNTY2013
EasternKumiMukongoro H.SKANYUM COUNTY2013
EasternTororoMukuju Core Primary Teachers’ College.  2013
CentralKampalaMulago School of Nursing & Midwifery 2013
WesternAruaMuni GirlsUPPER MADI COUNTY2013
S.WesternKaseseMunkunyu S.SBUKONZO COUNTY  EAST2013
S.WesternNtungamoMuriisa S.SRUHAAMA COUNTY2013
EasternBugiriMuterere S.SBUKOOLI COUNTY CENTRAL2013
S.WesternIbandaMwamba S.SIBANDA COUNTY SOUTH2013
S.WesternMbararaMwizi S.SRWAMPARA COUNTY2013
EasternKibukuNabiswa S.SKABWERI COUNTY2013
EasternBudakaNaboa S.SBUDAKA COUNTY2013
EasternMbaleNabumali H.SBUNGOKHO COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternIgangaNakalama S.SKIGULU COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternMbaleNakaloke S.SBUNGOKHO COUNTY NORTH2013
CentralMukonoNakanyonyi S.SNAKIFUMA COUNTY2013
NorthernNakapiripiritNakapiripirit S.SCHEKWII COUNTY (KADAM)2013
CentralNakasekeNakaseke Core Primary Teachers’ College  2013
CentralNakasongolaNakasongola Army SchoolBUDYEBO COUNTY2013
CentralLwengoNakateete S.SBUKOTO COUNTY EAST2013
EasternIgangaNakigo S.SKIGULU COUNTY SOUTH2013
CentralMityanaNakwaya S.SMITYANA COUNTY NORTH2013
CentralLwengoNakyenyi S.SBUKOTO COUNTY MID-WEST2013
CentralLuweeroNalinya LwantaleKATIKAMU COUNTY SOUTH2013
CentralKayungaNamagabi S.SNTENJERU COUNTY NORTH2013
CentralMukonoNamakwa S.S 2013
EasternKamuliNamasagali College BUGABULA COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternBugiriNamasere H.SBUKOOLI COUNTY CENTRAL2013
EasternJinjaNambi Resource CentreBAMUNANIKA COUNTY2013
CentralMukonoNamilyango CollegeMUKONO MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternBugiriNaminyagwe Muslim S.SBUKOOLI COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternManafwaNamisindwa S.SNAMISINDWA COUNTY2013
CentralWakisoNampunge S.S 2013
EasternKaliroNamugongo Seed S.SBULAMOGI COUNTY2013
CentralMukonoNamwezi S.S 2013
CentralKampalaNatete Muslim H.SRUBAGA DIVISION NORTH2013
WesternAruaNational Teachers College Arua 2013
EasternLuukaNawensega H.S 2013
CentralLwengoNdagwe S.SBUKOTO COUNTY MID-WEST2013
CentralLuweeroNdejje S.SKATIKAMU COUNTY SOUTH2013
CentralLuweeroNdejje University  2013
CentralBuikweNgogwe Baskerville BUIKWE COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternNgoraNgora Girls S.SNGORA COUNTY2013
CentralWakisoNkumba University  2013
EasternIgangaNkuutu Memorial School 2013
S.WesternIsingiroNtungu S.SISINGIRO COUNTY SOUTH2013
S.WesternKamwengeNyabbani S.SKITAGWENDA COUNTY2013
S.WesternIbandaNyabuhikye S.SIBANDA COUNTY SOUTH2013
S.WesternKanunguNyakabungo G.B S.SKINKIZI COUNTY EAST2013
S.WesternRukungiriNyakagyeme S.SRUJUMBURA COUNTY2013
S.WesternBuhwejuNyakitoko S.SBUHWEJU COUNTY2013
CentralBuikweNyenga S.S KiguduNJERU MUNICIPALITY2013
CentralWakisoOur Lady of Counsel GayazaKYADONDO COUNTY EAST2013
EasternPallisaRainer Modern S.SBUTEBO COUNTY2013
EasternBusiaRiverside H.SSAMIA BUGWE COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternTororoRubongi Army S.SWEST BUDAMA COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternTororoRubongi S.SWEST BUDAMA COUNTY SOUTH2013
S.WesternNtungamoRukoni S.SRUHAAMA COUNTY2013
S.WesternRukungiriRukungiri Technical Institute  2013
S.WesternRukungiriRukungiri Voc. S.S KarukaataRUBABO COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaroleRusekere S.SBURAHYA COUNTY2013
S.WesternMbararaRushanje GirlsRWAMPARA COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaroleRutete S.SBURAHYA COUNTY2013
S.WesternNtorokoRwebisengo S.SNTOROKO COUNTY2013
S.WesternSheemaRweibaare S.SSHEEMA COUNTY NORTH2013
S.WesternKabaleRwesasi S.SNDORWA COUNTY EAST2013
S.WesternKabaroleRwimi S.SBUNYANGABU COUNTY2013
S.WesternKaseseSaad Memorial S.SBUKONZO COUNTY  EAST2013
CentralBuikweSacred Heart Najja S.SBUDIOPE WEST COUNTY2013
CentralMukonoSeeta CollegeMUKONO COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternBududaShitumi Seed S.S MANJIYA COUNTY2013
EasternNamayingoSigulu Seed S.SBUKOOLI ISLAND COUNTY2013
CentralMukonoSir Apollo KagwaS.SMUKONO COUNTY SOUTH2013
WesternHoimaSir Tito Winyi BUGAHYA COUNTY2013
EasternSironkoSironko H.SBUDADIRI COUNTY  WEST2013
CentralKalangalaSserwanga Lwanga Memo. S.SBUJUMBA COUNTY2013
WesternKabaleSt Albert Kakindo S.SBUGAHYA COUNTY2013
S.WesternKabaleSt Charles Muko S.SRUBANDA COUNTY WEST2013
S.WesternKaseseSt Charles Vocational S.S Kasanga 2013
EasternSerereSt Elizabeth S.S KidetokKASILO COUNTY2013
CentralGombaSt Leonard’s S.S MadduGOMBA WEST COUNTY2013
S.WesternKaseseSt Thereza Girls’ S.S NsenyiBUKONZO COUNTY  EAST2013
S.WesternKabaleSt. Agatha’s S.S KakoreRUBANDA COUNTY EAST2013
CentralLuweeroSt. Andrew Kaggwa S.S KasaalaKATIKAMU COUNTY NORTH2013
S.WesternKabaleSt. Andrews S.S RubandaRUBANDA COUNTY WEST2013
CentralMasakaSt. Anthony S.S KayungaBUKOTO COUNTY EAST2013
CentralKalunguSt. Balikuddembe S.S LwabengeKALUNGU EAST COUNTY2013
CentralMpigiSt. Balikuddembe S.S Mitala Maria MAWOKOTA COUNTY SOUTH2013
S.WesternKabaleSt. Barnabas S.S KarujangaNDORWA COUNTY WEST2013
CentralRakaiSt. Benard Manya S.SKOOKI COUNTY2013
CentralSembabuleSt. Charles Lwanga LwebitakuliMAWOGOLA COUNTY2013
CentralMukonoSt. Charles Lwanga S.S BukerereMUKONO MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternSorotiSt. Francis S.S for the BlindSOROTI MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternManafwaSt. John College MagaleNAMISINDWA COUNTY2013
CentralRakaiSt. John M M Bigada 2013
CentralLuweeroSt. John’s Nandera KATIKAMU COUNTY SOUTH2013
EasternJinjaSt. John’s Wakitaka S.SBUTEMBE COUNTY2013
CentralMityanaSt. Joseph S.S KakinduBUSUJJU COUNTY2013
EasternSorotiSt. Mary’s Girls S.S MaderaSOROTI MUNICIPALITY2013
CentralMasakaSt. Maurice Lwaggulwe S.SBUKOTO COUNTY CENTRAL2013
S.WesternRukungiriSt. Paul Voc Sch BuyanjaRUBABO COUNTY2013
S.WesternRukungiriSt. Paul Voc.Sch.BuyanjaRUBABO COUNTY2013
S.WesternMbararaSt. Pauls S.S Kagongi SeedKASHARI NORTH COUNTY2013
EasternTororoSt. Peter’s CollegeTORORO MUNICIPALITY2013
CentralBuikweSt. Peters NkokonjeruBUIKWE COUNTY SOUTH2013
S.WesternNtungamoSt. Peter’s S.S RweraRUHAAMA COUNTY2013
CentralRakaiSt. Raphael’s Kabira S.SRUHINDA COUNTY2013
EasternJinjaSt. Stephen S.S BudondoKAGOMA COUNTY2013
EasternBukedeaSt. Theresa S.S OkunguroBUKEDEA COUNTY2013
CentralBukomansimbiSt. Victor’s Kitaasa S.SBUKOMANSIMBI NORTH COUNTY2013
S.WesternNtungamoStandard College NTUNGAMO MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternSorotiTeso College AloetDAKABELA COUNTY2013
EasternKatakwiToroma S.STOROMA COUNTY2013
EasternTororoTororo Girls SchoolTORORO MUNICIPALITY2013
EasternSorotiTubur S.SDAKABELA COUNTY2013
EasternBulambuliTunyi S.SELGON COUNTY2013
NorthernApacUganda College of Commerce, Aduku  2013
S.WesternKabaleUganda College of Commerce, KabaleKABALE MUNICIPALITY2013
WesternNebbiUganda College of Commerce, Pakwach PAJOBI NORTH2013
EasternSorotiUganda College of Commerce, Soroti 2013
EasternTororoUganda College of Commerce, Tororo 2013
CentralBukomansimbiUganda Martyrs Buyoga S.SBUKOMANSIMBI SOUTH COUNTY2013
CentralBuikweUganda Military Eng College LugaziLUGAZI MUNICIPALITY2013
WesternAruaUlepi S.SUPPER MADI COUNTY2013
CentralKampalaUpper Prison Inmate S.SNAKAWA DIVISION2013
EasternKatakwiUsuk S.SUSUK COUNTY2013
EasternManafwaWabwala S.SNAMISINDWA COUNTY2013
EasternMayugeWaitambogwe S.S 2013
CentralLuweeroWakatayi S.SBAMUNANIKA COUNTY2013
CentralWakisoWakiso S.S School for the deafBUSIRO COUNTY NORTH2013
EasternKumiWiggins S.SKUMI COUNTY2013
NorthernPaderAtanga S.SARUU NORTH COUNTY2012
NorthernOyamAtapara S.SOYAM COUNTY SOUTH2012
NorthernAlebtongFatima Aloi Comp.Girls S.SMOROTO COUNTY2012
NorthernKaabongKaabong S.SDODOTH EAST COUNTY2012
NorthernDokoloKangai S.SDOKOLO SOUTH COUNTY2012
NorthernKotidoKotido S.SJIE COUNTY2012
S.WesternMitoomaKyeibaare Girls S.SRUHINDA COUNTY2012
WesternMoyoMetu S.SWEST MOYO COUNTY2012
NorthernMorotoMoroto H.SMOROTO COUNTY2012
NorthernNakapiripiritNamalu S.SCHEKWII COUNTY (KADAM)2012
NorthernKitgumNamukora Vocational S.S CHUA EAST COUNTY2012
S.WesternMbararaNombe S.SKASHARI NORTH COUNTY2012
WesternAdjumaniSt. Mary Assumpta Girls S.SADJUMANI EAST COUNTY2012
WesternKibaaleUganda martyrs Centenary S.S Kakumiro 2012
WesternZomboWarr Girls S.SORA COUNTY2012
NorthernKitgumY.Y Okot Memorial CollegeKITGUM MUNICIPALITY2012
WesternYumbeYumbe S.SARINGA COUNTY2012
NorthernKoleAboke High S.SKOLE NORTH COUNTY2012
NorthernOyamAcaba S.SOYAM COUNTY NORTH2012
NorthernPaderAcholi Bur S.SARUU NORTH COUNTY2012
NorthernPaderAcholo-Pii Army S.S ARUU COUNTY2012
WesternAdjumaniAdjumani S.SADJUMANI WEST COUNTY2012
NorthernOtukeAdwari S.SOTUKE COUNTY2012
NorthernLiraAgweng S.SERUTE COUNTY NORTH2012
NorthernAmolatarAgwingiri Girls’schoolKIOGA COUNTY2012
NorthernKoleAkalo S.SKOLE SOUTH COUNTY2012
NorthernAlebtongAkii Bua Comp. S.SAJURI COUNTY2012
NorthernAmolatarAlemere Comp S.SKIOGA COUNTY2012
NorthernNwoyaAlero S.SNWOYA COUNTY2012
NorthernKotidoAlito S.SKOLE NORTH COUNTY2012
NorthernAlebtongAloi S.SMOROTO COUNTY2012
WesternZomboAluka S.SORA COUNTY2012
NorthernLiraAmach Complex S.SErute North2012
NorthernOyamAmwa Comprehesive S.SOYAM COUNTY SOUTH2012
WesternNebbiAngal S.SPADYERE COUNTY2012
NorthernNakapiripiritArengesiep S.SPIAN COUNTY2012
WesternAruaAria S.SVURRA COUNTY2012
WesternYumbeAringa S.SARINGA COUNTY2012
WesternAruaAripea S.STEREGO WEST COUNTY2012
EasternTororoAsinge S.STORORO SOUTH COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluAwach S.SASWA COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluAwere S.SOMORO COUNTY2012
WesternAruaAwora College Etoli 2012
CentralMubendeBagezza Seed S.SKASAMBYA COUNTY2012
NorthernLiraBarr S.SERUTE COUNTY SOUTH2012
NorthernDokoloBata S.SDOKOLO NORTH COUNTY2012
WesternAdjumaniBiyaya S.SADJUMANI WEST COUNTY2012
WesternAruaBondo Army SVURRA COUNTY2012
S.WesternMitoomaBubangizi S.S RUHINDA COUNTY2012
EasternManafwaBubulo S.SBUBULO COUNTY WEST2012
CentralButambalaBudde S.S BUTAMBALA COUNTY2012
S.WesternMbararaBugamba S.S RWAMPARA COUNTY2012
WesternHoimaBuhanika Seed S.SHOIMA MUNICIPALITY2012
CentralGombaBukandula Mixed S.SGOMBA WEST COUNTY2012
EasternNamutumbaBukonte Seed S.SBUSIKI COUNTY2012
EasternBulambuliBuluganya S.SELGON COUNTY2012
EasternBulambuliBumasobo S.SELGON COUNTY2012
EasternBusiaBusiime S.S SeedSAMIA BUGWE COUNTY SOUTH2012
NorthernApacChawente S.SKWANIA COUNTY2012
NorthernApacChegere S.SMARUZI COUNTY2012
NorthernLiraComboni CollegeERUTE COUNTY SOUTH2012
NorthernOyamDr Oryang S.S OYAM COUNTY SOUTH2012
Eastern Gweri S.SSOROTI COUNTY2012
NorthernApacIbuje S.SMARUZI COUNTY2012
NorthernOyamIceme Girls S.S OYAM COUNTY NORTH2012
NorthernApacIkwera Girls S.SKWANIA COUNTY2012
NorthernApacInomo S.SKWANIA COUNTY2012
S.WesternBushenyiIshaka Adventist College 2012
WesternMoyoItula S.SOBONGI COUNTY2012
NorthernAmuriaJohn Elem Memorial S.SKAPELEBYONG COUNTY2012
WesternZomboJongokoro Seed S.S 2012
CentralRakaiKabaale Sanje S.SKAKUUTO COUNTY2012
EasternBukwoKabei S.S SeedKONGASIS COUNTY2012
EasternKaberamaidoKaberamaido Comp. S.SKALAKI COUNTY2012
S.WesternKabaroleKagote SeedFORT PORTAL MUNICIPALITY2012
WesternHoimaKakindo S.SBUGAHYA COUNTY2012
CentralMasakaKakoS.S BUKOTO COUNTY EAST2012
CentralMubendeKakungube S.SKASSANDA COUNTY SOUTH2012
NorthernNapakKangole Girl’s S.SBOKORA COUNTY2012
S.WesternMitoomaKashenshero Girls S.SRUHINDA COUNTY2012
S.WesternKabaleKigezi HighKABALE MUNICIPALITY2012
CentralButambalaKitagobwa S.SBUTAMBALA COUNTY2012
CentralMubendeKitenge S.S 2012
NorthernKitgumKitgum Matidi Seed S.STOCHI COUNTY2012
S.WesternKabaroleKitumba S.SFORT PORTAL MUNICIPALITY2012
WesternHoimaKiziranfumbi S.SBUHAGUZI COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluKoch Ongako S.S SeedTOCHI COUNTY2012
NorthernNwoyaKoch-Goma S.S NWOYA COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluKoro S.SMARUZI COUNTY2012
NorthernDokoloKwera S.SDOKOLO SOUTH COUNTY2012
CentralRakaiKyotera Central S.S KYOTERA COUNTY2012
NorthernAmuriaLabira Girls S.SKAPELEBYONG COUNTY2012
NorthernKitgumLagoro S.S CHUA WEST COUNTY2012
S.WesternKiruhuraLake Mburo S.S NYABUSHOZI COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluLalogi S.S Seed OMORO COUNTY2012
WesternMoyoLaropi Seed S.SWEST MOYO COUNTY2012
NorthernAgagoLira Palwo S.SAGAGO COUNTY2012
NorthernLamwoLokung S.S LAMWO COUNTY2012
WesternKobokoLongira S.SKOBOKO NORTH COUNTY2012
NorthernOyamLoro S.SOYAM COUNTY SOUTH2012
NorthernAbimLotuke Seed S.SLABWOR COUNTY2012
CentralKampalaLubiri S.S RUBAGA DIVISION NORTH2012
NorthernGuluLukome S.SASWA COUNTY2012
NorthernAmuruLwani Mem S.S KILAK NORTH COUNTY2012
WesternKabaleMabaale S.SBUYAGA EAST COUNTY2012
EasternKatakwiMagoro Comprehensive S.STOROMA COUNTY2012
S.WesternRukungiriMakobore H.S Kinyasano RUKUNGIRI MUNICIPALITY2012
WesternMarachaMaracha S.S MARACHA EAST COUNTY2012
S.WesternMbararaMary Hill H.SMBARARA MUNICIPALITY2012
WesternAruaMicu S.SAYIVU COUNTY2012
CentralBukomansimbiMisanvu Comprehensive S.SBUKOMANSIMBI SOUTH COUNTY2012
NorthernAmuriaMorungatuny S.SORUNGO COUNTY2012
WesternKabaleMpeefu Seed S.SBUYAGA WEST COUNTY2012
CentralLuweeroMpigi S.SBAMUNANIKA COUNTY2012
CentralMubendeMyanzi S.SKASSANDA COUNTY SOUTH2012
EasternBugiriNalubaale S.S NankomaBUKOOLI COUNTY CENTRAL2012
NorthernAmolatarNamasale Seed S.SKIOGA COUNTY2012
NorthernApacNambyeso Agro S.S 2012
WesternNebbiNebbi Town S.SNEBBI MUNICIPALITY2012
NorthernOyamNgai S.SOYAM COUNTY NORTH2012
S.WesternMitoomaNkinga Voc. S.S RUHINDA COUNTY2012
WesternKobokoNyai S.SKOBOKO NORTH COUNTY2012
S.WesternMitoomaNyakishojwa S.SRUHINDA COUNTY2012
S.WesternMbararaNyamitanga S.SMBARARA MUNICIPALITY2012
S.WesternKanunguNyamiyaga S.S RUSHENYI COUNTY2012
WesternKobokoNyangilia S.S KOBOKO COUNTY2012
WesternZomboNyapea College St. AloysiusOKORO COUNTY2012
WesternMoyoObongi S.SOBONGI COUNTY2012
WesternAdjumaniOfua S.S SeedADJUMANI EAST COUNTY2012
NorthernOtukeOkwang S.SOTUKE COUNTY2012
WesternMarachaOleba S.S SeedMARACHA EAST COUNTY2012
WesternAruaOmbatini S.STEREGO WEST COUNTY2012
NorthernKitgumOmia anyima S.S CHUA EAST COUNTY2012
NorthernAgagoOmot S.S SeedAGAGO COUNTY2012
EasternKatakwiOngongoja S.SUSUK COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluOnono Memorial CollegeTOCHI COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluOpit S.SOMORO COUNTY2012
WesternAruaOriajini S.STEREGO WEST COUNTY2012
NorthernKitgumOrom S.SCHUA EAST COUNTY2012
NorthernOtukeOrum S.SOTUKE COUNTY2012
NorthernAmuriaOrungo H.SORUNGO COUNTY2012
NorthernOtukeOtuke S.SOTUKE COUNTY2012
NorthernOyamOtwal S.SOYAM COUNTY NORTH2012
NorthernAmuruPabbo S.SKILAK NORTH COUNTY2012
NorthernLamwoPadibe Girls Comprehensive LAMWO COUNTY2012
NorthernLamwoPadibe S. SLAMWO COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluPaicho S.SASWA COUNTY2012
WesternZomboPakadha Seed S.SOKORO COUNTY2012
WesternNebbiPakwach S.SPAJOBI NORTH2012
WesternNebbiPanyango S.SJONAM COUNTY2012
WesternNebbiParombo S.SPADYERE COUNTY2012
EasternSererePigire S.SKASILO COUNTY2012
NorthernPaderPuranga S.S ARUU COUNTY2012
NorthernLiraRacelle Comprehensive S.SLIRA MUNICIPALITY2012
WesternAruaRhino Camp S.SLOWER MADI COUNTY2012
WesternYumbeRomogi Seed S.SARINGA COUNTY2012
S.WesternMbararaRwantsinga H.SNDORWA COUNTY WEST2012
S.WesternKaseseRwenzori HighBUSONGORA COUNTY NORTH2012
NorthernDokoloSt John Bosco S.SDOKOLO NORTH COUNTY2012
S.WesternBushenyiSt Kaggwa H.S 2012
WesternKabaleSt Kizito S.S KibeediBUYANJA COUNTY2012
WesternKabaleSt Magret Mary Girls S.S 2012
CentralMpigiSt Mark S.S Kamengo MAWOKOTA COUNTY NORTH2012
NorthernAmuruSt Mary’s College Lacor KILAK SOUTH COUNTY2012
NorthernAlebtongSt Theresa Girls S.S AlanyiAJURI COUNTY2012
S.WesternMbararaSt. Andrew’s Rubindi S.S KASHARI NORTH COUNTY2012
WesternKobokoSt. Charles Lwanga College KobokoKOBOKO MUNICIPALITY2012
NorthernMorotoSt. Daniel Comboni S.SBOKORA COUNTY2012
CentralKampalaSt. Denis Ssebugwawo Ggaba MAKINDYE DIVISION EAST2012
S.WesternRukungiriSt. Francis Buhunga H.S BUHWEJU COUNTY2012
NorthernNakapiripiritSt. Kizito S.S LorengedwatPIAN COUNTY2012
S.WesternKabaleSt. Maria Gorrete RushorozaKABALE MUNICIPALITY2012
CentralMpigiSt. Mary’s Nkozi S.SMAWOKOTA COUNTY SOUTH2012
EasternNamutumbaSt. Matthias S.S Magada BUSIKI COUNTY2012
NorthernAmuriaSt. Paul Abarilela S.SAMURIA COUNTY2012
WesternMasindiSt. Paul S.S Pakanyi 2012
NorthernAmuriaSt. Peters Secondary Sch AcowaKAPELEBYONG COUNTY2012
NorthernGuluSt. Thomas More S.S Minakulu TOCHI COUNTY2012
CentralLuweeroTarget Community College kasangombeNAKASEKE SOUTH COUNTY2012
WesternKabaleUganda Martyrs S.S MugalikeBUYAGA EAST COUNTY2012
WesternAruaVurra S.SVURRA COUNTY2012
NorthernAmuriaWera T.S 2012
WesternMarachaYivu S.SMARACHA EAST COUNTY2012
WesternZomboZeu S.SORA COUNTY2012
S.WesternKanunguBishop Comboni College Kambuga KINKIZI COUNTY EAST2011
S.WesternBushenyiBishop Ogez H.SIGARA COUNTY WEST2011
S.WesternKabaleBubaare S.SRUBANDA COUNTY EAST2011
S.WesternBundibugyoBubandi S.S SeedBWAMBA COUNTY2011
WesternHoimaBugambe S.SBUHAGUZI COUNTY2011
S.WesternIsingiroBukanga S.S 2011
S.WesternKabaleBukinda S.SRUKIGA COUNTY2011
S.WesternBundibugyoBurambagira S.SBUGHENDERA COUNTY2011
S.WesternKabaleBuranga S.SNDORWA COUNTY WEST2011
S.WesternKanunguBurema S.SKINKIZI COUNTY WEST2011
EasternJinjaBusoga College MwiriBUTEMBE COUNTY2011
S.WesternBuhwejuButare S.SBUHWEJU COUNTY2011
S.WesternSheemaButsibo S.SSHEEMA COUNTY SOUTH2011
WesternKabaleBuyanja S.SBUYANJA COUNTY2011
CentralKyankwanziBuyimbazi S.SNTWETWE COUNTY2011
S.WesternNtungamoBwongyera Girls 2011
CentralRakaiChrist The King S.S KalisizoKYOTERA COUNTY2011
CentralWakisoGayaza H.SKYADONDO COUNTY EAST2011
WesternMasindiIkoba Girls S.SBUJENJE COUNTY2011
S.WesternKisoroIryaruvumba H.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY NORTH2011
S.WesternKiruhuraKaaro H.SNYABUSHOZI COUNTY2011
S.WesternKabaroleKaboyo S.SBURAHYA COUNTY2011
WesternKabaleKagadi S.SBUYAGA EAST COUNTY2011
S.WesternNtungamoKagamba S.S 2011
S.WesternIbandaKagongo S.SIBANDA MUNICIPALITY2011
CentralRakaiKakabagyoBUYAMBA COUNTY2011
CentralNakasekeKaloke Christian High NAKASEKE SOUTH COUNTY2011
S.WesternKamwengeKamwenge College School SeedKIBALE COUNTY2011
S.WesternKabaleKantare S.SRUKIGA COUNTY2011
S.WesternKaseseKarambi S.SBURAHYA COUNTY2011
S.WesternNtorokoKarugutu S.SNTOROKO COUNTY2011
S.WesternKaseseKarusandara Seed S.SBUSONGORA COUNTY SOUTH2011
CentralMubendeKasambya ParentsBUGANGAIZI WEST COUNTY2011
S.WesternKiruhuraKazo S.SKAZO COUNTY2011
S.WesternKabaroleKibiito S.SBUNYANGABU COUNTY2011
S.WesternSheemaKibingo Girls S.SSHEEMA COUNTY SOUTH2011
S.WesternIbandaKibubura Girls S.SIBANDA MUNICIPALITY2011
S.WesternKamwengeKicwamba S.SKITAGWENDA COUNTY2011
WesternKiryandongoKigumba S.SKIBANDA SOUTH COUNTY2011
S.WesternIsingiroKihanda S.SBUKANGA COUNTY2011
CentralNakasekeKijaguzo S.SNAKASEKE SOUTH COUNTY2011
WesternMasindiKinyara S.SBUJENJE COUNTY2011
S.WesternKanunguKirima Community S.SKINKIZI COUNTY EAST2011
S.WesternKaseseKisinga Vocational S.SBUKONZO COUNTY  EAST2011
S.WesternIsingiroKisyoro S.SISINGIRO COUNTY SOUTH2011
WesternHoimaKitara S.SBUYAGA EAST COUNTY2011
CentralKampalaKololo S.S/ SesematKAMPALA CENTRAL DIVISION2011
S.WesternBushenyiKyeizooba Girls S.SIGARA COUNTY EAST2011
CentralKibogaLwamata Seed S.SKIBOGA  EAST COUNTY2011
S.WesternLyantondeLyantonde S.SKABULA COUNTY2011
S.WesternKyenjojoMaddox S.SMWENGE COUNTY SOUTH2011
S.WesternSheemaMasheruka Girls S.SSHEEMA COUNTY NORTH2011
CentralRakaiMatale C/U S.SKYOTERA COUNTY2011
CentralSembabuleMateete Comprehensive S.SMAWOGOLA COUNTY2011
CentralSembabuleMawogola H.S BukululaMAWOGOLA COUNTY2011
CentralKampalaNabisunsa Girls’ SchoolNAKAWA DIVISION2011
CentralRakaiNakasoga S.SKYOTERA COUNTY2011
S.WesternRukungiriNyabiteete S.SRUBABO COUNTY2011
S.WesternBushenyiNyabubare S.SIGARA COUNTY WEST2011
S.WesternKabaroleNyakasura SchoolBURAHYA COUNTY2011
S.WesternKaseseNyakiyumbu S.SBUKONJO COUNTY WEST2011
S.WesternNtungamoNyakyera S.SRUHAAMA COUNTY2011
S.WesternKabaleNyaruhanga H.SRUBANDA COUNTY WEST2011
S.WesternKyenjojoNyarukoma S.SMWENGE COUNTY SOUTH2011
S.WesternNtungamoRubaare S.SRUSHENYI COUNTY2011
S.WesternNtungamoRuhanga Sda S.SRUHAAMA COUNTY2011
S.WesternMitoomaRuhinda S.SRUHINDA COUNTY2011
S.WesternBushenyiRuyonza SchoolBUSHENYI -ISHAKA MUNICIPALITY2011
S.WesternNtungamoRwamanyonyi S.S 2011
S.WesternBundibugyoSemuliki H.S IzahuraBUGHENDERA COUNTY2011
CentralKalangalaSsese Farm Institute 2011
S.WesternIsingiroSt John Rustya S.SISINGIRO COUNTY NORTH2011
S.WesternMitoomaSt Noah S.S MutaraRUHINDA COUNTY2011
S.WesternMbararaSt Peters Katukuru S.SMBARARA MUNICIPALITY2011
WesternKabaleSt. Adolf Tibeyalirwa S.SBUYAGA WEST COUNTY2011
WesternHoimaSt. Andrea Kaahwa’s CollegeHOIMA MUNICIPALITY2011
S.WesternMbararaSt. Andrew ‘S Rubindi S.SKASHARI NORTH COUNTY2011
S.WesternIbandaSt. Anne’s S.S KihaniIBANDA COUNTY SOUTH2011
CentralSembabuleSt. Ann’s S.S NtuusiLWEMIYAGA COUNTY2011
S.WesternSheemaSt. Charles Lwanga KashekuroSHEEMA COUNTY SOUTH2011
S.WesternKabaleSt. Francis Coll KyanamiraNDORWA COUNTY EAST2011
S.WesternRukungiriSt. Geralds Nyakibale 2011
S.WesternRukungiriSt. Jerome S.S NdamaRUBABO COUNTY2011
S.WesternSheemaSt. John’s NyabwinaSHEEMA COUNTY NORTH2011
CentralKyankwanziSt. Joseph’s Vocational S.S KigandoNTWETWE COUNTY2011
CentralRakaiSt. Mary’s S.S SanjeKAKUUTO COUNTY2011
CentralMubendeSt. Matia Mulumba Mirembe-Maria S.SBBALE COUNTY2011
S.WesternRubiriziSt. Michael H.S RugaziBUNYARUGURU COUNTY2011
CentralMubendeSt. Mugaga S.S KigandaKASSANDA COUNTY SOUTH2011
S.WesternKisoroSt. Paul Mutolere S.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY EAST2011
WesternMasindiSt. Theresa Girls S.S Nyamigisa 2011
WesternHoimaSt. Thomas Moore S.S KigorobyaKIGOROBYA COUNTY2011
S.WesternKyegegwaWekomire S.SKYAKA SOUTH COUNTY2011
CentralWakisoAggrey Memorial S.SRUBAGA DIVISION SOUTH2010
WesternAruaArua Public S.SARUA MUNICIPALITY2010
WesternBulisaBiiso War Memorial S.SBULIISA COUNTY2010
CentralButambalaBulo ParentsBUTAMBALA COUNTY2010
WesternHoimaDuhaga S.SHoima Municipality2010
CentralWakisoEntebbe Comprehensive S.SENTEBBE MUNICIPALITY2010
CentralButambalaGombe S.SBUTAMBALA COUNTY2010
NorthernGuluGulu Army S.SGULU MUNICIPALITY2010
S.WesternKabaleHornby H.SKABALE MUNICIPALITY2010
EasternIgangaIganga HighIGANGA MUNICIPALITY2010
EasternJinjaJinja CollegeJINJA MUNICIPALITY WEST2010
S.WesternKabaleKabale S.SKABALE MUNICIPALITY2010
CentralKampalaKalinabiri S.SNAKAWA DIVISION2010
EasternKamuliKamuli Girls CollegeBUZAAYA COUNTY2010
CentralKayungaKangulumira Public S.SNTENJERU COUNTY SOUTH2010
CentralKampalaKawempe MuslimKAWEMPE DIVISION NORTH2010
CentralButambalaKibibi S.SBUTAMBALA COUNTY2010
CentralKampalaKibuli S.SMAKINDYE DIVISION EAST2010
EasternIgangaKigulu CollegeKIGULU COUNTY NORTH2010
CentralMasakaKijjabwemi S.SMASAKA MUNICIPALITY2010
S.WesternRukungiriKinyasano Girls HighRUKUNGIRI MUNICIPALITY2010
CentralMukonoKojja S.S 2010
S.WesternKabaroleKyebambe GirlsFORT PORTAL MUNICIPALITY2010
S.WesternMbararaMbarara Army BoardingMBARARA MUNICIPALITY2010
S.WesternMbararaMbarara H.SMBARARA MUNICIPALITY2010
S.WesternMbararaMbarara S.SMBARARA MUNICIPALITY2010
WesternMoyoMoyo S.SWEST MOYO COUNTY2010
CentralGombaMpenja S.SGOMBA EAST COUNTY2010
CentralMubendeMubende Army S.SMUBENDE MUNICIPALITY2010
CentralMityanaNamutamba S.SMITYANA COUNTY NORTH2010
S.WesternMbararaNtare SchoolMBARARA MUNICIPALITY2010
S.WesternSheemaSacred Heart Mushanga S.SSHEEMA MUNICIPALITY2010
NorthernGuluSir. Samuel Baker School ASWA COUNTY2010
EasternSorotiSoroti S.SSOROTI MUNICIPALITY2010
WesternAruaSt Joseph College OmbaciAYIVU COUNTY2010
CentralMasakaSt. Henry’s KitovuMASAKA MUNICIPALITY2010
S.WesternKabaroleSt. Leo ColLege KyegobeFORT PORTAL MUNICIPALITY2010
CentralMpigiSt. Maria Goretti KatendeMAWOKOTA COUNTY NORTH2010
CentralWakisoSt. Mary’s College KisubiBUSIRO COUNTY SOUTH2010
S.WesternKabaleSt. Pauls BukindaRUKIGA COUNTY2010
CentralKampalaSt. Peter NsambyaMAKINDYE DIVISION EAST2010
CentralWakisoWampewo Ntake S.SKYADONDO COUNTY EAST2010
NorthernOyamAbudala Anyuru Mem. Sch.OYAM COUNTY SOUTH2009
NorthernAgagoAdilang S.SAGAGO COUNTY2009
NorthernApacAkokoro S.SMARUZI COUNTY2009
WesternAdjumaniAlere S.SADJUMANI WEST COUNT2009
NorthernApacApac S.SMARUZI COUNTY2009
NorthernAlebtongApala S.SMOROTO COUNTY2009
EasternTororoAtiri S.STORORO NORTH COUNTY2009
CentralWakisoBalibaseka S.S SeedBUSIRO COUNTY NORTH2009
CentralKayungaBbale S.S 2009
S.WesternIbandaBigyera S.SMAWOGOLA NORTH COUNTY2009
CentralLuweeroBombo Army S.SKATIKAMU COUNTY SOUTH2009
EasternNamutumbaBugobi H.SBUSIKI COUNTY2009
EasternBudakaBugwere H.SBUDAKA COUNTY2009
WesternHoimaBuhimba S.SBUHAGUZI COUNTY2009
EasternManafwaBumbo S.SNAMISINDWA COUNTY2009
EasternIgangaBusembatia S.SBUGWERI COUNTY2009
EasternKweenChemanga Seed S.SKWEEN COUNTY2009
EasternBusiaDabani Girls SchoolSAMIA BUGWE COUNTY NORTH2009
CentralWakisoEntebbe Airforce S.SENTEBBE MUNICIPALITY2009
CentralWakisoEntebbe S.SENTEBBE MUNICIPALITY2009
WesternNebbiErussi S.SPADYERE COUNTY2009
CentralKalunguHoly Family S.S KyamulibwaKALUNGU WEST COUNTY2009
S.WesternKyegegwaHumura S.SKYAKA NORTH COUNTY2009
S.WesternIsingiroIsingiro S.SISINGIRO COUNTY NORTH2009
NorthernKaabongJubilee S.S KarengaDODOTH WEST COUNTY2009
WesternMasindiKabalega S.SMASINDI MUNICIPALITY2009
EasternKaberamaidoKaberamaido S.SKALAKI COUNTY2009
S.WesternKisoroKabindi S.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY SOUTH2009
CentralRakaiKabuwoko S.SKYOTERA COUNTY2009
EasternSerereKamod S.SKASILO COUNTY2009
S.WesternKabaleKamuronko S.SNDORWA COUNTY EAST2009
CentralMukonoKasana S.S & Voc. SchoolNAKIFUMA COUNTY2009
S.WesternMbararaKashaka Girls schoolKASHARI SOUTH COUNTY2009
S.WesternRukungiriKashenyi S.SRUJUMBURA COUNTY2009
S.WesternKiruhuraKashongi H.SKASHONGI COUNTY2009
EasternKatakwiKatakwi T.SUSUK COUNTY2009
CentralRakaiKatereero S.SKOOKI COUNTY2009
S.WesternKyenjojoKatooke S.SMWENGE CENTRAL COUNTY2009
NorthernAmuruKeyo S.SKILAK SOUTH COUNTY2009
S.WesternKaseseKilembe S.SKASESE MUNICIPALITY2009
S.WesternKanunguKinkizi H.SKINKIZI COUNTY EAST2009
S.WesternSheemaKitagata S.SSHEEMA COUNTY SOUTH2009
S.WesternKamwengeKitagwenda H.SKITAGWENDA COUNTY2009
WesternYumbeKuru S.SARINGA COUNTY2009
S.WesternRukungiriKyamakanda S.SRUBABO COUNTY2009
WesternAruaLogiri Girls. S.SVURRA COUNTY2009
EasternJinjaLubani S.SKAGOMA COUNTY2009
CentralLuweeroLuteete S.SBAMUNANIKA COUNTY2009
EasternMbaleMbale School for the DeafBUNGOKHO COUNTY SOUTH2009
CentralMityanaMityana S.SMITYANA MUNICIPALITY2009
NorthernAbimMorulem Girls S.SLABWOR COUNTY2009
CentralMukonoMukono H.SMUKONO MUNICIPALITY2009
S.WesternKaseseMutanywana S.SBUKONZO COUNTY  EAST2009
EasternBulambuliNabbongo S.SBULAMBULI COUNTY2009
EasternMbaleNabumali.S.SBUNGOKHO COUNTY SOUTH2009
NorthernMorotoNadunget S.SMATHENIKO COUNTY2009
CentralWakisoNAGRIC & DB 2009
WesternKabaleNaigana S.SBUYAGA EAST COUNTY2009
S.WesternRubiriziNdekye S.SBUNYARUGURU COUNTY2009
S.WesternKabaleNdorwa S.SKABALE MUNICIPALITY2009
S.WesternSheemaNganwa H.SSHEEMA MUNICIPALITY2009
S.WesternIsingiroNgarama S.SBUKANGA COUNTY2009
S.WesternMbararaNyakayojo S.SMBARARA MUNICIPALITY2009
S.WesternKanunguNyakinoni S.SKINKIZI COUNTY WEST2009
WesternKobokoNyarilo S.SKOBOKO MUNICIPALITY2009
EasternKumiNyero Rock H.SKUMI COUNTY2009
WesternMarachaOtravu S.SMARACHA COUNTY2009
WesternAruaOtumbari S.STEREGO EAST COUNTY2009
NorthernLamwoPalabek S.SLAMWO COUNTY2009
EasternPallisaPallisa S.SPALLISA COUNTY2009
NorthernAgagoPatongo S.SAGAGO COUNTY2009
NorthernAmudatPokot S.SUPE COUNTY2009
CentralWakisoSam Iga Memorial CollegeNANSANA MUNICIPALITY2009
CentralButambalaSayidina Abubakar S.SBUTAMBALA COUNTY2009
EasternKapchorwaSebei College TegeresKAPCHORWA MUNICIPALITY2009
EasternKapchorwaSipi S.STINGEY COUNTY2009
CentralLwengoSseke S.SBUKOTO COUNTYSOUTH2009
CentralKyankwanziSt Joseph’ S.S VvumbaNTWETWE COUNTY2009
CentralLwengoSt. Clement S.S NkoniBUKOTO COUNTYSOUTH2009
NorthernAmuriaSt. Francis Acumet S.SKAPELEBYONG COUNTY2009
EasternMayugeSt. John Buwaaya S.SBUNYA COUNTY EAST2009
NorthernGuluSt. Joseph Layibi CollegeGULU MUNICIPALITY2009
EasternBulambuliSt. Joseph’s S.S Girls BukwoKONGASIS COUNTY2009
NorthernLiraSt. Katherine S.SERUTE COUNTY SOUTH2009
CentralLuweeroSt. Kizito Katikamu Kisule S.SKATIKAMU COUNTY SOUTH2009
S.WesternKabaleSt. Mary’s College Rushoroza KABALE MUNICIPALITY2009
S.WesternBundibugyoSt. Mary’s Simbya S.SBWAMBA COUNTY2009
EasternKamuliSt. Paul S.S MbulamutiBUZAAYA COUNTY2009
S.WesternNtungamoSt. Paul’s H.S RushookaRUSHENYI COUNTY2009
EasternKamuliSt. Peters Namwendwa S.SBUGABULA COUNTY SOUTH2009
EasternBugiriSt. Stephen’s Bugiri S.SBUKOOLI COUNTY NORTH2009
EasternJinjaWanyange Girls SchoolBUTEMBE COUNTY2009
NorthernAbimAbim S.SLABWOR COUNTY2008
NorthernKoleAculbanya S.SKOLE NORTH COUNTY2008
NorthernAmolatarAmolatar S.SKIOGA COUNTY2008
NorthernAmolatarAputi S.SKIOGA COUNTY2008
CentralKalangalaBishop Dunstan Nsubuga MemorialBUJUMBA COUNTY2008
EasternButalejaBukedi College KachongaBUNYOLE EAST COUNTY2008
WesternBulisaBuliisa P.SBULIISA COUNTY2008
EasternBududaBulucheke S.SLUTSESHE COUNTY2008
S.WesternBundibugyoKakuka S.SBUGHENDERA COUNTY2008
CentralNakasekeKapeeka S.SNAKASEKE SOUTH COUNTY2008
NorthernNwoyaKoch-Goma S.SNWOYA COUNTY2008
S.WesternKyenjojoKyenjojo S.SMWENGE COUNTY SOUTH2008
WesternMarachaMaracha S.SMARACHA EAST COUNTY2008
WesternKobokoNyangilia S.SKOBOKO COUNTY2008
NorthernNwoyaPope Paul Mem. S.SNWOYA COUNTY2008
CentralSembabuleSembabule C.O.U S.SLWEMIYAGA COUNTY2008
S.WesternIsingiroAisha Girls S.SISINGIRO COUNTY NORTH2007
WesternAruaArua Technical InstituteARUA MUNICIPALITY2007
EasternSironkoBudadiri GirlsBUDADIRI COUNTY EAST2007
EasternKaliroBudini S.SBULAMOGI COUNTY2007
EasternBududaBududa S.SMANJIYA COUNTY2007
S.WesternSheemaBugongi S.SSHEEMA COUNTY SOUTH2007
CentralLuweeroBukalasa Agricultural College 2007
EasternBukedeaBukedea S.SBUKEDEA COUNTY2007
EasternMayugeBunya S.SBUNYA COUNTY WEST2007
CentralMityanaBusubizi PTC 2007
EasternKamuliBuzaya S.SBUZAAYA COUNTY2007
WesternHoimaBwikya Muslim S.SHOIMA MUNICIPALITY2007
NorthernGuluChrist The King PTCGULU MUNICIPALITY2007
NorthernLiraDr. Obote Coll, BoroboroERUTE COUNTY SOUTH2007
S.WesternIbandaIshongororo S.SIBANDA COUNTY NORTH2007
S.WesternKabaleKabale Bukinda PTCRUKIGA COUNTY2007
S.WesternKabaroleKahinju S.SBURAHYA COUNTY2007
CentralRakaiKakoma S.SKOOKI COUNTY2007
EasternKaberamaidoKalaki S.SKALAKI COUNTY2007
EasternBudakaKamonkoli CollegeIKI-IKI COUNTY2007
CentralKayungaKanjuki S.SNTENJERU COUNTY NORTH2007
CentralMukonoKasawo S.SNAKIFUMA COUNTY2007
CentralMubendeKasenyi S.SMUBENDE MUNICIPALITY2007
EasternManafwaKimaruli S.S 2007
EasternNamutumbaKisiki College BUSIKI COUNTY2007
CentralKampalaKitebi S.S Rubaga SouthRUBAGA DIVISION NORTH2007
CentralNakasekeKiwoko S.SNAKASEKE NORTH COUNTY2007
EasternKumiKumi Technical School 2007
CentralButambalaLukalu S.SBUTAMBALA COUNTY2007
CentralSembabuleLwemiyaga S.SLWEMIYAGA COUNTY2007
CentralBukomansimbiMbulire S.SBUKOMANSIMBI NORTH COUNTY2007
EasternJinjaMuguluka Pilikington CollegeKAGOMA COUNTY2007
EasternNgoraMukura Mem. S.SNGORA COUNTY2007
EasternButalejaMulagi Girls S.SBUNYOLE WEST COUNTY2007
CentralWakisoMwererwe S.SKYADONDO COUNTY EAST2007
CentralNakasongolaNakasongola S.SNAKASONGOLA COUNTY2007
CentralWakisoNsangi S.SBUSIRO COUNTY EAST2007
S.WesternMbararaRugando Technical Insititute 2007
S.WesternKanunguSan Giovanni S.SKINKIZI COUNTY EAST2007
NorthernAgagoSt. Charles Lwanga College KalongoAGAGO COUNTY2007
S.WesternKisoroSt. Gertrude’s Girls S.SBUFUMBIRA COUNTY EAST2007
S.WesternLyantondeSt. Gonzaga S.S KijukizoKABULA COUNTY2007

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