CONSUMER Q&A: 3 Minutes with the UCC Ag. Executive Director

10 AUGUST 2021

Eng. Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo is the Acting Executive Director, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the body responsible for regulating, monitoring, and supervising the Communications sector in Uganda.

She possesses vast experience in policy development, research, regulation, and implementation of various aspects of ICT development.

Eng. Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo
Ag. Executive Director, Uganda Communications Commission.

Below, Irene spares a moment to answer some consumer questions.

In your opinion, what is the biggest issue for consumers of communications services in Uganda today?

Trust: Enhancing consumer trust is critical for the success of the digital economy. Electronic fraud, cyber threats, misperceived tracking of electronic devices, unauthorised access to devices and consumer information, lack of transparency and unfair business practices negatively affect consumer trust and participation in the digital economy.

Therefore, all stakeholders must work towards building trust by ensuring a safe, competitive, and transparent digital economy.

How does UCC protect consumers of communications services?

Toprotect consumers and achieve our regulatory objectives, we focus on six broad areas. Setting service standards and obligations, informing and empowering consumers, monitoring service provision and making interventions on behalf of consumers, providing consumer empowerment tools or applications e.g. NetQ-UG and, and providing robust complaints reporting mechanisms.

What Industry trends are you most excited about?

From a consumer perspective, the continued development of applications not only means greater access to communication services but presents new opportunities. As a result, ICTs, more than ever before, are more than communication services, and consequently, the growing consensus for mainstreaming consumer protection in the digital sphere. At UCC, we support this by adopting a multi-stakeholder approach involving government, law enforcement, industry, and civil society.  

Secondly, communication network operators and service providers are becoming more sensitive and responsive to consumer demands. So the consumer is indeed becoming the true king. And as a regulator, that is quite exciting.

Consumers of ICTs can get in touch with us for accessible consumer tools and resources via email at, toll-free on 0800222777 or Twitter @ConsumerUCC.

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