The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) was established under Section 4 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 to regulate the communications sector in Uganda.

UCC has noted the increasing importation of two-way radiocommunications devices (commonly known as walkie-talkies/radio calls) and the associated base and repeater station equipment prior to obtaining the necessary approvals. Many of these have been confiscated at Entebbe Airport and other ports of entry into the country.

To avoid inconveniences to importers, and other radiocommunication users, UCC wishes to inform the public of the existing requirement to have all radiocommunication equipment, including walkie-talkies/radio-calls and the associated base and repeater transmitter equipment type- approved before importation, installation, and operation in Uganda.

The granting of type approval to radio communication and telecommunication
equipment simply means that the equipment conforms to defined regulatory standards and requirements and is therefore least likely to cause disruptions when used in public communications networks.
Over and above ensuring that the equipment conforms to defined national regulations, the Type Approval process is carried out to:

a) Protect public radio communication and telecommunication networks from any
harm/damage that may be caused to the existing network equipment by the
connection of new terminal equipment and/or any associated wiring procedures.

b) Protect the safety of end-users of telecommunications and radio communications
equipment from possible dangers that may arise out of connection of new
equipment to existing communication networks.

c) Prevent the connection of non-standard equipment to existing public
communication networks, a practice that could easily compromise the integrity
of an existing network.

d) Maintain the acceptable quality of service levels and end-to-end network
performance of radio and telecommunications networks.

e) Protect the general public from harmful and sometimes fatal emissions from
faulty or obsolete communications equipment.

f) Protect the environment from possible dangers arising out of sub-standard
equipment connected to communication networks.

g) Enable the general public to become aware of the need to ensure that all radio
communication and telecommunication equipment conform to national
regulations and standards before use in both private and public communication

Details on this requirement are available in the following:

The Uganda Communications (Type Approval) Regulations 2019 ( ).

The Framework on Type Approval of Communications Equipment in Uganda 2022 ( ).

You can apply for Type approval through the UCC eservices portal on

Please contact the UCC through the contact details below should you need further clarification.

Phone: +256414339000, 256312339000

Email: Website:


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