UCC offers more online services

As part of the drive to further enhance efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience in service delivery, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has expanded the range of services available on its e-Services portal. By visiting www.eservices.ucc.co.ug, clients can sign up and apply for the services below, as well as track the progress of their applications.

1. FM Radio Broadcasting License Application

2. Online Data Communications Authorisation

3. Postal and Courier license Application

4. Equipment Type Approval Application

5. Short Code Application

6. Logical Channel Number Application

Under the Uganda Communications Act 2013, the provision of any services that involve communication to the public of any content, whether by way of audio, video, sound, still or moving pictures or a combination thereof, is a communication service that is subject to the regulatory control of UCC.

The digitalization of more UCC services offers a seamless and convenient way for applicants to seek these services from the comfort of their workstations, as the Commission continues to embrace paperless service delivery.

Previously, applications for these services had to be submitted physically, leading to unnecessary delays and a higher cost of doing business.

Besides licensing for the various communications services, all communication equipment (telecommunication, broadcasting, radio communication) must be type-approved by UCC prior to importation, sale, installation, and operation in Uganda.

Equipment type-approval serves to confirm the equipment’s conformity to the relevant communication standards in a bid to protect networks, users, and to enhance service quality.

Short codes are telephone numbers with fewer digits than the standard national significant number and are dialed without a national destination code. They are commonly used to access specific services.

In the case of Uganda, these short codes can either be three (3) or four (4) digits long, with the 3-digit short codes being reserved for emergency and safety services, network customer services as well as innovation, and the 4-digit numbers being reserved for individuals and business entities that successfully demonstrate a need for them.

How to use the UCC e-Service portal

1. Go to eservices.ucc.co.ug

2. Click on Apply

3. Click on Don’t have account

4. Fill in a form to create account

5. Sign in

6. You will receive an email in your inbox

7. Click on the link sent to your email

8. Click on “your documents”

9. Select service of choice – post and courier / broadcasting/ online data communications, etc.

10. Click on Apply button

11. Fill in all the required information, including attachments

12. Click on Save

13. Click on Submit

14. You shall receive confirmation by email

15. You shall be contacted by UCC on the way forward.


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